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Oprah - My Heroine

Updated on January 30, 2011
Peaceful, spiritual gardens at Beijing Zoo, China
Peaceful, spiritual gardens at Beijing Zoo, China

I have been wanting to write about Oprah for a while, she is my absolute heroine and we both have unusual names beginning with O!! I think her show has already ended in the States, but we are still seeing repeats. What will I do without her, I have followed her since the start and she has given me so much joy, laughter and help! She has helped me by basically giving my beliefs and thoughts validation. I feel as if I think like she thinks and when times have been hard she has made me believe I was on the right track, even if nothing was going right. And we both love dogs! I have loved all animals, especially dogs since I was a child. I hear she is starting a whole new TV channel, I'm not sure yet how that works, I mean will we see her on the channel in some capacity and what capacity?

The experts on her show have also validated a lot of what I believe in but they have also taught me a lot and increased my knowledge of certain subjects, Dr Oz, Dr Phil, Iyanla Vanzant, (whatever happened to her, she was so funny) Gary Zukav and many more. Are they all going to be part of this new channel?

I so love the fact that Oprah is black and a big woman, most of the time but yet she did so well for herself! I'm not sure that could have ever happened in the UK. I'm sure that's something to do with it being possible to do anything in America with a bit of luck and live the all American dream! Sometimes I feel I should have come over there to make a decent life for myself or try anyway. I don't think Britain has been the place for me at all! I studied Media at one point in my life (so many unused qualifications under my belt) and did very well but could never get a job in spite of volunteer work with the BBC and other media companies. I always said that if Oprah was in London, I would have camped on the door step of 'Harpo's' until she gave me a job!! Or if I had known anyone in Chicago or the States who I could have stayed with, I would have given it a go!

The thought of being able to work with Oprah or just to work on the Oprah Show fills me with great and fulfilling feelings. Imagine if I could have done that but it's too late now her show is over. That would have truly been a dream come true, and I'm sure an amazing, amazing experience! To date not the sort of thing which happens to me but it was a nice dream while it lasted!

So Oprah, your show and you were one of a kind and I hope your self-esteem is boosted forever after years of helping and entertaining your audience, you have done an incredible job and we salute you! I hear you will still be around, so we won't lose you completely. I suppose your magazine 'O' will continue but now you can have a well earned rest before your next project. Good-luck but you don't need it, you will be successful whatever you do and you have already achieved an incredible amount you don't have to do anymore!


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