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Oprah OWN Network OWN Show Unofficial Recap - Forty-Something Gay, ep78

Updated on May 19, 2010

Forty-Something Gay, ep78 I admit it, when I first uploaded my video on to be considered for my own show on her OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) I had no idea I would become obsessed with the whole process or that there were so many people out there with more ability to click on their own show idea than to actually host their own show. Here's my Unofficial recap! Read and watch more Scott at

Disclaimer: As with all my blogs and videos I create them to hopefully make people laugh at me, themselves, this crazy world we live in and sometimes to think about a topic in a new way. My hope is that everyone that watches this video will realize that I'm just trying to make you laugh, not hurt or crush anyone's dreams (unless of course it means I have a better chance of winning) ;) so please, please, before you comment and tell me how horrible I am, take a deep breath and laugh a little. Go's good for you!

Click below to go right to my audition video and vote for me a couple of hundred of thousands of times!


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