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Asian Movies - Battle Royale

Updated on April 28, 2010

Battle Royale was based in very succesfull and polemic book writen by Koushun Takami , this succes resulted in a movie just one year after his publishing, and in a manga series (much people think that the manga came first or even don't know about the existence of the book).

 In a non far future, teenagers became rebels and violent due an economic crisis. The government approves a different martial law trying to fix it, it's called Act BR, the idea is take a full school class to an island where just one could escape alive, and worst: to survive, boys and girls should kill each other and if more than one stay alive after 24 hours, all of them would die.

 The movie becames dramacally loaded when the teenagers really perceive that they weren't in a game and really start the killing and one by one the number of students decrease, another detail is for the hourly report showing the names of each student killed in the last hour.


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    • Sadie Valentine profile image

      Sadie Valentine 7 years ago

      Oh, I've seen this movie! Really gory, really messed-up (especially the part in the light house...I think it was a light house, it's been a long time), and not for the faint of heart, but definitely something movie buffs should see!