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10 Questions We Need Answered In Season 3 of 'Orphan Black'

Updated on October 25, 2014

If you haven't seen the Canadian sci-fi/drama, 'Orphan Black' yet, then close this browser and watch it right now. Seriously, it's that good.

In a nutshell, the show is about a woman who finds out that she's one in a series of clones. There's various other plot twists and turns, of course, but the show is absolutely amazing, and one that I'd recommend to anyone. Oh, and the clones on the show? They're all played by one actress, the incredible Tatiana Maslany.

I only started watching Orphan Black earlier this year (it first premiered in March, 2013), but I was hooked right away and my husband and I breezed past the first season in a matter of days.

Season two was equally awesome, with lots of plot twists and shocking revelations. However, the finale left us with some HUGE cliff-hangers, and now there are plenty of questions we need answered in the upcoming third season.

This article contains major spoilers about season one and season two of Orphan Black. Don't read unless you're all caught up or don't mind being spoiled!

This guy is just one of, apparently many, Project Castor clones.
This guy is just one of, apparently many, Project Castor clones. | Source

10. What's The Deal With Project Castor?

One of the most shocking moments in the finale was the revelation that there's a whole other group of clones: Project Castor.

Apparently, the military didn't stop human cloning with Project Leda- they also created Project Castor, which is made up of male clones. So far, the only thing we know about the clones from Project Castor is that they were presumably made for military purposes and that there are three known clones (see chart below for a full list of Project Castor clones), one of which is former Prolethean, Mark Rollins.

So here's what we need to find out next season; how many clones has Project Castor created, exactly what are they being breed for, and who else knows about these clones? Furthermore, does Mark even realize that he's a clone?

Let's hope Kira and Sarah find safety in Season 3.
Let's hope Kira and Sarah find safety in Season 3.

Did You Know?

The young actress who plays Kira, Skyler Wexler, is only seven years old. She started acting at age 3!

9. Where Will Sarah And Kira Go Next?

Almost the entirety of season two saw Sarah and Kira on the run. Whether they were running from Mrs. S, or escaping Rachel and the Dyad, the two were pretty much constantly on the move.

Now that Rachel is out of the picture (or is she? More on her later...), will Sarah and Kira be safe? Or is there a bigger evil that they need to hide from now?

Marion Bowles: is she trustworthy or not?
Marion Bowles: is she trustworthy or not?

8. Can Marion Bowles Be Trusted?

The character of Marion Bowles was introduced late in the second season, and was originally introduced as Rachel's superior at the Dyad. In the finale, we find out that Marion is also the adoptive mother of Charlotte, the last clone made for Project Leda. Marion also has one of the Project Castor clones chained up in her house...because that's not suspicious at all.

Marion's involvement with the Dyad certainly adds a lot of mystery to her character. Can she be trusted? Does she truly want to help Sarah? Or is she a double-agent or just one of the bad guys?

Yikes, Rachel...that's gotta hurt.
Yikes, Rachel...that's gotta hurt.

7. Is Rachel Gone For Good?

A pencil to the eye sounds pretty fatal, but if anyone could survive it, it'd be Rachel. We don't know what happens to her at the end of Season 2, so we really have no idea whether Rachel is alive or dead.

Did Rachel survive her unfortunate "accident"? If she has, I'm sure she'll be plotting revenge, but just what will she do? Without Marion Bowles and the rest of the Dyad on her side, she'll have a lot less power...will she cling to the other clones or continue to rebel?

Cosima, discovering the secrets that Ethan left behind for her.
Cosima, discovering the secrets that Ethan left behind for her.

6. Will The Answers To Cosima's Illness Be Found In 'The Island of Doctor Moreau'?

Though Ethan sadly took his own life in the finale, he didn't do so without planning ahead. We learned that Ethan's favourite book to read to Rachel as a child was The Island of Doctor Moreau, and in Episode 8, Ethan passed the same exact book on to Kira. Except it wasn't just any copy of the book...Ethan had also scribbled down some codes that might have the answer to the illness which plagues Cosima and the some of the other clones.

The finale saw the book being passed on to Cosima, whom immediately noticed its worth. Will she be able to decipher Ethan's code before time runs out? And will Delphine be able to return to help her?

I'm not sure who makes a better team: Alison and Felix, or Alison and Donnie.
I'm not sure who makes a better team: Alison and Felix, or Alison and Donnie.

Did You Know?

Jordan Garvais, whom plays Felix, isn't actually British. However, his accent is so authentic that he was able to convince some of his cast-mates (including Maria Doyle Kennedy, whom plays Mrs. S) that he was British!

5. What's Next For Alison, Donnie, and Felix?

Alison and Donnie had quite an eventful time during season two. Their marriage falls apart, Alison ends up in rehab, finds out that Donnie is her monitor, Donnie accidentally kills Dr. Leekie, and the two spend episode 9 rekindling their romance by burying Dr. Leekie in their basement. So's safe to say the two of them have reconnected, but what's next? Will Donnie play a major part in aiding the clones? Will he and Alison continue to work as a team?

Felix didn't get a lot of big story lines last season; mostly, he just tagged along with the clone club, kept Alison from being a total disaster, babysat Helena, flirted with Tony, and brooded a lot over Sarah and Cal reconnecting. As one of the funniest characters in the series, I sincerely hope that he gets a bigger role next season. Or at the very least, a better love interest than the morgue guy...

Is Cal just a good guy?  Or does he work for someone behind the scenes, too?
Is Cal just a good guy? Or does he work for someone behind the scenes, too?

4. What Are Paul And Cal's Stories?

Paul has consistently been one of my least favourite characters on the show; not only do I not trust him, but he just seems a bit superfluous, especially compared to all the other interesting personalities on the show. He disappeared for a while during the start of Season 2, but came back with a vengeance towards the end, as we learned that he's still in the military and also a double agent working for Project Castor to spy on Project Leda. Will we find out Paul's full back story next season? Why is he so invested in these projects, does he have real feelings for Sarah, and what sort of power does Mrs. S really have over him?

For the most part, Sarah's ex/Kira's dad, Cal, has been seen as a good guy; doing whatever it takes to hide Sarah and Kira, and keeping them both safe. But I don't know...something seems a bit suspicious about him. Of course, with all the double-agents and secrets going around on Orphan Black, I'm honestly suspicious about nearly everyone at this point, but something about Cal just rubs me the wrong way. He seemed fully and completely prepared to live life "off the grid" at the very moment that Kira and Sarah showed up, which isn't normal. Why was he ready to run? Why did he already have a fake ID when the cops stopped by? And does he know more about Sarah/Project Leda than he's letting on?

Helena being shipped somewhere.
Helena being shipped somewhere.

Did You Know?

To get into character, Tatiana Maslany listens to a playlist inspired by each of the clones. For Helena, she listens to Tom Waits and Antony and The Johnsons.

3. What Will Happen To Helena?

At the end of season 2, we saw one of our favourite "sestras" being shipped off with the Project Castor clones, at the hands of Mrs. S and Paul. Poor Helena- she had quite a rough time in the second season; from being abducted by the Proletheans, to being impregnated by them, she definitely hasn't had an easy go. Just when we thought she was free, she was kidnapped again...but what will they do to her?

Will Project Castor use Helena for some sort of experimentation? Are they planning to try and "breed" Helena and the Castor clones? Is Helena actually pregnant? Will Sarah and the other clones realize that she's gone and come to rescue her?

Can we trust Mrs. S?  More importantly, can Sarah trust Mrs. S?
Can we trust Mrs. S? More importantly, can Sarah trust Mrs. S?

Which Of The Project Leda Clones Is Your Favourite?

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2. Where Do Mrs. S's True Loyalties Lie?

One of the burning questions brought up throughout the series is whether or not Mrs. S can truly be trusted. She starts off just seeming like the trustworthy foster mother to Sarah, Felix and Kira, but the first and second seasons have increasingly shown her to be a lot more than that.

We know she has ties to the Dyad, Project Leda and apparently, Project Castor. She's in cahoots with Paul (whom probably can't be trusted, either). We know that she's quick to make decisions, but she's never clear on whom those decisions are meant to benefit. While she's done nothing to outright hurt either Kira or Sarah, she's done plenty of dubious things and has a lot of unsavoury affiliations. She's also an incredible shot and will kill anyone who gets in her way with seemingly no remorse. The one thing we know for sure is that there's a lot more to her story than what we know so far.

So the big questions are: just who is Siobhan Sadler? What is her true involvement with Project Leda? And is she a friend or foe?

Known Clones

Project Leda
Project Castor
Sarah Manning
Mark Rollins
Beth Childs
Unidentified solider clone
Alison Hendrix
Unidentified captive clone
Cosima Niehaus
Rachel Dunkin
Katja Obinger
Danielle Fournier
Aryanna Giordano
Janika Zingler
Jennifer Fitzsimmons
Tony/Antoinette Sawicki
Charlotte Bowles
The youngest of the Project Leda clones (and the last to be made), Charlotte Bowles.
The youngest of the Project Leda clones (and the last to be made), Charlotte Bowles.

1. How Many Clones Are There?

As the chart above says, there are 13 known Project Leda clones, and 3 known Project Castor clones. But there are surely more out there, especially considering that we've only just learned about Project Castor, which is presumably still in operation.

Where are the rest of the clones? What are they doing? Are any of them sick like Cosima? Will Sarah and the rest of the Clone Club meet any more clones in Season 3? Will the Project Leda and Project Castor clones interact?

And most importantly: who is the original clone?

Which Project Leda Clone Are You?

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Season 3 of Orphan Black will premiere in Spring, 2015!


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    • Dylanexpert profile image

      John D. Baldwin 2 years ago from New York, New York

      Well, season 3 has arrived (I just started watching), and some of your questions have been answered, and most of them haven't. The one mystery that's definitely been solved: any actress (Ms. Maslany) good enough to play a talking scorpion can play (literally) anything.

    • brittpinkie profile image

      Brittany Doherty 3 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      Teeuwynn, thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Yes, season 3 can't get here fast enough! :D

    • Teeuwynn Woodruff profile image

      Teeuwynn Woodruff 3 years ago from Washington State

      Thanks for the interesting article. Orphan Black is a great show and I can't wait for season 3!