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Osama Bin Laden Death Photo Description By US Senator (Video)

Updated on May 14, 2011
Photo of Bin Laden
Photo of Bin Laden | Source

The photo of Osama Bin Laden is yet to be released to the public, however political figures and government officials have been giving permission to see the photo’s of the deceased body of the world’s most wanted man, Bin Laden. The description is pretty gruesome to say the least. It is described as the bullet going in through the eye and coming out of his ear (eeww!).

Here is a video of the U.S Senator of Oklahoma Jim Inhofe describing the photo’s he saw and confirms his death.

He also expresses he wants the photo to be released to the public, the least gruesome ones which was taken before Osama was thrown into the ghostly sea.Twelve photos were taken were Bin Laden was killed and three more at the ship before being taken by the North Carribean sea. 

His beard is described as 'Salt and Pepper' and his brains was apparently spewing out and his was wearing underwear...

This is the fake photo of Bin Laden circulating the internet
This is the fake photo of Bin Laden circulating the internet | Source


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