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Oscar De La Hoya In Drag

Updated on March 1, 2012

Sometimes A Boy Just Wants To Be A Girl

Oh boy, another celebrity icon falls by the wayside! Oscar De La Hoya in drag (not that there is anything wrong with that). White bra and a tutu or something, body fishnet stocking. Another case of celebrities behaving badly. Are they all stoopid? Does fame drain all the brains out of your head? In real life you can barely trust your own mother, much less allowing a bunch of strangers in on your little picadillos.

You really have to be a special kind of stoopid to allow some skanky pickup chicks that you've known for like 72 hours get you drunk, dress you in drag, and start taking pictures of you that you just have to know will be all over the internet and YouTube in a New York minute, unless of course you are stoopid. And doesn't that hotel room look just the pits? Or is that someone's skeevy apartment? I mean look at the blue "suede" couch. Get out. See, everyone likes to wallow in a little dirt every now and then. Talk about slumming.

Good gravy the longer I live the stupider people seem to get. Or is this a society where we just don't give a damn! Anyway, now everyone is doing damage control and backpeddling. I like boxing - heavyweight. Frankly, I don't give a damn. He or any consenting adult can dress up anyway they want as long as they don't do in the street and scare the horses. Of course his wife and children probably care. But maybe Mrs. La Hoya already knew about Mr. La Hoya's penchant for a little girly time and it was their little sexy secret. There are a lot of men who like to wear a little feminine clothing every now and then. I hear it relieves tension. And what's wrong with that? And honestly, I'm always a little flattered when a guy just wants to be a girl.


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    • Paulie profile image

      Paulie 6 years ago

      Tinks...stoopid iz nut a werd??? I did nut no dat. Thank yoo so muzh! BTW wat kin of nam is Tinks? Wat yu mufer and fafer cud not spel?

    • profile image

      Nsikan 6 years ago

      I dont know what's more stupid this article and its writer or the idiot delinquents bashing De La Hoya in their comments. I'm proud of him for living his life to the fullest and being adventurous.

    • profile image

      Tink 6 years ago

      Please, for the love of intelligence, stay in or go back to school. Stoopid is not a word. I have an extra dictionary if you need it.

    • profile image

      John 6 years ago

      Wow, fantastic pics! He behaves the way he feels. very good!!

    • profile image

      takes a man 6 years ago

      it takes a eal man to wear what he wants.

    • profile image

      ha 6 years ago

      Losers. He's still more man than all of you hateful lil' b*tch boys put together. And no, being tough and surly doesn't make you a man. A real man isn't afraid to just do his own thing and not worry what the sheep people think.

    • profile image

      srv 2963 6 years ago

      i never liked this fake wanna be Mexican!!!! he has always been a wanna be and a fake from the get go!!!! he is a disgrace to the profession of boxing and to the Mexicans and to men in general!!!! he will get no pity from me!!! he should of killed himself put the gun in your mouth De la Hoya and do the world a favor you candy ass!!!!!!

    • profile image

      blah! 6 years ago


    • profile image

      ppz popz 6 years ago

      Stupider... now that's stupid. You mean more stupid? Dumbass.

    • profile image

      Brianwashere96 10 years ago from some were watching i guy get stung by bees is the A@#

      You dumm ass muther fucker you made my bro gay