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Oscar Winning Actresses

Updated on April 18, 2015

Clip from Blue Jasmine


Cate Blanchett as Jeanette "Jasmine" Francis

Movie: Blue Jasmine

Box Office: $97.5 million

Other Cate Blanchett Movies: "The Talented Mr. Ripley", "Shipping News", "The Many Who Cried", "Bandits", "Heaven", "The Lord of the Rings: Movies", "The Hobbit movies", "The Missing", "Little Fish", "Robin Hood", "Hanna", "Cinderella", "I'm Not There", "Ponyo", "Coffee and Cigarettes", "Pushing Tin", and "Thank God He Met Lizzie"

Clip from Silver Linings Playbook


Jennifer Lawrence as Tiffany Maxwell

Movie: Silver Linings Playbook

Box Office: $236 million

Other Jennifer Lawrence Movies: "Hunger Games movies", "Garden Party", "Like Crazy", "The Burning Plain", "The Poker House", "Winter's Bone", "The Beaver", "Serena", "Dumb and Dumber To", "American Hustle", and "X-Men movies"

Clip from The Iron Lady


Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher

Movie: The Iron Lady

Box Office: $68 million

Other Meryl Streep Movies: "Sophie's Choice","Julia", "The Deer Hunter", "Still of the Night", "Falling In Love", "Plenty", "Out of Africa", "A Cry in the Dark", "Before and After", "Marvin's Room", "The River Wild", "Music of the Heart", "The Hours", "Prime", "The Ant Bully", "Lions for Lambs", "Mama Mia", "The Giver", "It's Complicated", "Hope Springs", "Into the Woods", "The Homesman", and "Ricki and the Flash"

Clip from Black Swan


Natalie Portman as Nina Sayers

Movie: Black Swan

Box Office: $329 million

Other Natalie Portman Movies:"Heat", "Beautiful Girls", "Mars Attacks", "Anywhere But Here", "Where the Heart Is", "Leon: The Professional", "Garden State", "Cold Mountain", "The Phantom Menace", "Star Wars Episode III", "Free Zone", "Goya's Ghost", "V for Vendetta", "My Blueberry Nights", "The Other Boleyn Girl", "New York, I Love You", "The Other Woman", "Brothers", "No Strings Attached", "Thor", "Thor: The Dark World", "Jane Got a Gun", "Knight of Cups"

Clip from the Blind Side


Sandra Bullock as Leigh Anne Tuohy

Movie: The Blind Side

Box Office: $309 million

Other Sandra Bullock Movies: "Hangmen", "Love Potion Number 9", "The Vanishing", "Speed",
"The Thing Called Love", "Demolition Man", "Fire on the Amazon", "Who Do I Gotta Kill?", "Speed 2", "While You Were Sleeping", "The Net", " A Time To Kill", "In Love and War", "Hope Floats", "Making Sandwiches", "Forces of Nature", "Murder By Numbers", "Gun Shy", "28 Days", "Two Weeks Notice", "Crash", "The Proposal", "Lover Boy", "Miss Congeniality", "The Lake House", "Premonition", "All About Steve", "Gravity", "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close", "The Heat", "Minions", and "Brownie Wise"

Clip from The Reader


Kate Winslet as Hanna Schmitz

Movie: The Reader

Box Office: $108 million

Other Kate Winslet Movies: "Heavenly Creatures", "Sense and Sensibility", "Jude", "Hamlet', "Titanic", "Holy Smoke", "Iris", "Enigma", "War Game", "Finding Neverland", "Flushed Away", "Little Children", "The Holiday", "Carnage", "Contagion", "Labor Day", "Revolutionary Road", "Divergent", "A Little Chaos", and "Triple Nine"

Clip from La Vie en Rose


Marion Cotillard as Edith Piaf

Movie: La Vie en Rose

Box Office: $86 million

Other Marion Cotillard Movies: "Chloe", "Taxi 2", "La Sentence", "War in the Highlands", "Blue Away to America", "Lisa", "Pretty Things", "Big Fish", "Love Me If You Dare", "Love is in the Air", "The Black Box", "Mary", "You and Me", "A Good Year", "Nine", "Inception", "Little White Lies", "Contagion", "Midnight in Paris", "The Dark Knight Rises", "Blood Ties", "Two Days, One Night", "Unity", "The Little Prince", and "Macbeth"

Clip from The Queen


Helen Mirren as Queen Elizabeth II

Movie: The Queen

Box Office: $123 million

Other Helen Mirren Movies: "Press for Time", "Hamlet", "Age of Consent", "As You Like It", "Cal", "2010", "White Nights", "When the Whales Came", "The Hawk", "Teaching Mrs. Tingle", "The Pledge", "No Such Thing", "Prime Suspect", "Door to Door", "Last Orders", "Calendar Girls", "The Clearing", "Raising Helen", "Shadow Boxer", "The Queen", "Red", "The Debt", "Phil Spector", "Unity", "The Hundred Foot Journey", and "The Woman in Gold"

Clip from Walk the Line


Reese Witherspoon as June Carter

Movie: Walk the Line

Box Office: $186 million

Other Reese Witherspoon Movies: "The Man In The Moon", "Wildflower", "Jack The Bear", "A Far Off Place", "Freeway", "Fear", "Overnight Delivery", "Pleasantville", "Election", "Cruel Intentions", "Best Laid Plans", "American Psycho", "Legally Blonde", "Sweet Home Alabama", "Vanity Fair", "Water for Elephants", "Penelope", "Rendition", "Four Christmases", "How Do you Know", "Mud", "The Good Lie", "Wild", and "Don't Mess With Texas"

Clip from Million Dollar Baby


Hilary Swank as Maggie Fitzgerald

Movie: Million Dollar Baby

Box Office: $216 million

Other Hilary Swank Movies: "Boys Don't Cry", "The Core", "The Audition", "Red Dust", "Insomnia", "The Reaping", "The Black Dahlia", "P.S. I Love You", "The Resident", "Conviction", "Freedom Writers", "Amelia", "New Year's Eve", "Mary and Martha", "You're Not You", and "The Homesman"

Clip from Monster


Charlize Theron as Aileen Wuornos

Movie: Monster

Box Office: $60 million

Other Charlize Theron Movies: "That Thing You Do", "Trail and Error", "Hollywood Confidential", "The Cider House Rules", "Mighty Joe Young", "Celebrity", "Reindeer Games", "Men of Honor", "The Yards", "The Legend of Bagger Vance", "Sweet November", "Trapped", "15 Minutes", "The Italian Job", "North Country", "Aeon Flux", "Sleepwalking", "Hancock", "The Burning Plain", "The Road", "Astro Boy", "Snow White and the Huntsman", "Prometheus", "A Million Ways to Die in the West", "Dark Places" and "Mad Max"

Clip from The Hours


Nicole Kidman as Virginia Woolf

Movie: The Hours

Box Office: $108 millions

Other Nicole Kidman Movies: "Bush Christmas", "The Bit Part", "Emerald City", "Dead Calm", "Days of Thunder", "Far and Away", "Malice", "My Life", "To Die For", "Batman Forever", "The Peacemaker", "Eyes Wide Shut", "Moulin Rouge", "The Others", "Dogville", "Cold Mountain", "Stepford Wives", "Birth", "Fur", "Australia", "The Golden Compass", "Nine", "Rabbit Hole", "The Paperboy", "Just Go With It", "The Railway Man", "Queen of the Desert", "Strangerland", "The Family Fang", and "Genius"

Clip from Monster's Ball


Halle Berry as Leticia Musgrove

Movie: Monster's Ball

Box Office: $44 million

Other Halle Berry Movies:" Jungle Fever", "Father Hood", "The Last Boyscout", "The Program", "The Flintstones", "Race the Sun", "Swordfish", "Why Do Fools Fall In Love", "X-Men movies", "Die Another Day", "Gothika", "Catwoman", "Robots", "Perfect Stranger", "New Year's Eve", "Dark Tide", "Cloud Atlas", and "The Call"

Clip from Erin Brockavich


Julie Roberts as Erin Brockovich

Movie: Erin Brockovich

Box Office: $256 million

Other Julie Roberts Movies: "Mystic Pizza", "Pretty Woman", "Steel Magnolias", "Blood Red", "Flatliners", "Sleeping with the Enemy", "Dying Young", "Hook", "The Player", "Mary Reilly", "My Best Friend's Wedding", "Runaway Bride", "Something to Talk About", "Notting Hill", "America's Sweethearts", "The Mexican", "Full Frontal", "Mona Lisa Smile", "Ocean's Twelve", "Closer", "Charlie Wilson's War", "Eat Pray Love", "Mirror, Mirror", "Larry Crowne" and "The Normal Heart"

Clip from Boys Don't Cry


Hilary Swank as Brandon Teena

Movie: Boys Don't Cry

Box Office: $11 million

Clip from Shakespeare in Love


Gwyneth Paltrow as Viola De Lesseps

Movie: Shakespeare In Love

Box Office: $289 million

Clip from As Good As It Gets


Helen Hunt as Carol Connelly

Movie: As Good As It Gets

Box Office: $314 million

Clip from Fargo


Frances McDormand as Marge Gunderson

Movie: Fargo

Box Office: $60 million

Clip from Dead Man Walking


Susan Sarandon as Sister Helen Prejean

Movie: Dead Man Walking

Box Office: $83 million

Clip from Blue Sky


Jessica Lange as Carly Marshall

Movie: Blue Sky

Box Office: $3 million

Clip from The Piano


Holly Hunter as Ada McGrath

Movie: The Piano

Box Office: $140 million

Clip from Howard's End


Emma Thompson as Margaret Schlegel

Movie: Howard's End

Box Office: $25 million

Clip from The Silence of the Lambs


Jodie Foster as Clarice Starling

Movie: The Silence of the Lambs

Box Office: $272 million

Clip from Misery


Kathy Bates as Annie Wilkes

Movie: Misery

Box Office: $61 million

Clip from Driving Miss Daisy


Jessica Tandy as Daisy Werthan

Movie: Driving Miss Daisy

Box Office: $145 million

Clip from The Accused


Jodie Foster as Sarah Tobias

Movie: The Accused

Box Office: $32 million

Clip from Moon Struck


Cher as Loretta Castorini

Movie: Moon Struck

Box Office:$ 91 million

Clip from Children of a Lesser God


Marlee Matlin as Sarah Norman

Movie: Children of a Lesser God

Box Office: $31 million

Clip from The Trip to Bountiful


Geraldine Page as Carrie Watts

Movie: The Trip to Bountiful

Box Office: $7 million

Clip from Places in the Heart


Sally Field as Edna Spalding

Movie: Places in the Heart

Box Office: $34 million

Clip from Terms of Endearment


Shirley MacLaine as Aurora Greenway

Movie: Terms of Endearment

Box Office: $108 million

Clip from Sophie's Choice


Meryl Streep as Sophie Zawistowska

Movie: Sophie's Choice

Box Office: $30 million

Clip from On Golden Pond


Katharine Hepburn as Ethel Thayer

Movie: On Golden Pond

Box Office: $119 million

Clip from Coal Miner's Daughter


Sissy Spacek as Loretta Lynn

Movie: Coal Miner's Daughter

Box Office: $67 million


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