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Oscar Winning Supporting Actresses

Updated on October 10, 2015

Clip from 12 Years a Slave


Lupita Nyong'o as Patsey

Movie: 12 Years a Slave

Box Office: $187.7 million

Info on Lupita Nyong'o: Lupita graduated from Hampshire College and then received her master's degree at the Yale School of Drama. Her first major role was in "12 Years a Slave." Lupita followed up the Oscar winning role with a role in the movie "Non-Stop" and she is also scheduled to appear in "Star Wars VII."

Clip from Les Miserables


Anne Hathaway as Fantine

Movie: Les Miserables

Box Office: $441 million

Info on Anne Hathaway: Hathaway's Oscar winning role as Fantine was not her first Oscar nomination. Hathaway was also nominated for an Oscar in 2008 for her performance in "Rachel Getting Married." However, Hathaway did not walk away with an Oscar win in 2008.

Anne followed up her Oscar winning performance with roles in "Rio 2", "Alice in Wonderland Through the Look Glass" and "The Intern."

Clip from The Help


Octavia Spencer as Minny Jackson

Movie: The Help

Box Office: $216 million

Info on Ocativa Spencer: Spencer has starred in a multitude of movies, appearing in most as a supporting character. However, her most well known role to date is still that of Minny Jackson in "The Help." Spencer has not found much commercial success following her Oscar win, however, Spencer is set to star in the "Divergent Series: Insurgent."

Clip from The Fighter


Melissa Leo as Alice Eklund-Ward

Movie: The Fighter

Box Office: $129 million

Info on Melissa Leo: Leo was best known for her television roles prior to be nominated for her performance in "The Fighter." Leo has gone on to star in several other movies such as "Olympus Has Fallen", "Oblivion", "The Butler", and "Prisoners." However, Leo has only has supporting roles in those movies.

Clip from Precious


Mo'Nique as Mary Lee Johnston

Movie: Precious

Box Office: $63 million

Mo'Nique Info: Prior to the filming of "Precious" Mo'Nique was mostly known for her comedic roles in moves such as "Soul Plane" , "Garfield The Movie" and "Phat Girlz." However, Mo'Nique showed a much different side to her acting abilities when appearing in the "Precious" movie. Following her Oscar win Mo'nique went on to star in "Blackbird." Mo'nique has remained out of the limelight of Hollywood for the past few years.

Clip from Vicky Cristina Barcelona


Penelope Cruz as Maria Elena

Movie: Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Box Office: $96 million

Penelope Cruz Info: Prior to her Oscar win Penelope Cruz was mostly known in America as a hot Spanish speaking actress who used to date Tom Cruise. However, after winning her first Oscar she has gone on to star in movies such as "Nine", "Sex and The City 2", "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides", and "To Rome With Love."

Clip from Michael Clayton


Tilda Swinton as Karen Crowder

Movie: Michael Clayton

Box Office: $92 million

Tilda Swinton Info: Swinton is known for both her mainstream roles and her "artsy" roles. Swinton has not had a really big movie which she was the sole star of the movie, however, she has had many supporting roles in a variety of movies. She has starred in "Vanilla Sky", "Adaptation", "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Witch, The Lion and The Wardrobe", "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button", and "Moonrise Kingdom."

Clip from Dreamgirls


Jennifer Hudson as Effie White

Movie: Dreamgirls

Box Office: $154 million

Jennifer Hudson Info: Hudson was originally a competitor on American Idol from there she landed her first major acting role in the movie "Dreamgirls" which she won an Oscar for. However, after winning her Oscar her career has somewhat fizzled. She has had a supporting role in "Sex and the City the movie" and was a spokesperson for weight watchers.

Clip from The Constant Gardener


Rachel Weisz as Tessa Quayle

Movie: The Constant Gardner

Box Office: $82 million

Rachel Weisz Info: Weisz had starred in many successful movies prior to winning her Oscar award for her performance in "The Constant Garderner." Movies that Weisz has starred in after her win include "The Fountain", "Eragon", "Definitely, Maybe", "The Lovely Bones", "The Deep Blue Sea", "The Bourne Legacy", "Oz the Great and Powerful", and "Miss You Already."

Clip from The Aviator


Cate Blanchett as Katharine Hepburn

Movie: The Aviator

Box Office: $213 million

Cate Blanchett Info: Blanchett followed her supporting role Oscar award with a Lead Actress Oscar for her role in "Blue Jasmine." Blanchett is know for her versatility and her many successful roles in various movies. Blanchett has starred in such popular movies such as "The Lord Of The Rings" Movies, "The Talented Mr. Ripley", "Elizabeth", "Babel", "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull", "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button", "The Hobbit", "The Monuments Men", "How to Train Your Dragon 2", and "Cinderella."

Clip from Cold Mountain


Renee Zellweger as Ruby Thewes

Movie: Cold Mountain

Box Office: $173 million

Renee Zellweger Info: Of recent time Zellwger has not been seen in many successful movies however she has starred in quite a few successful films such as "Jerry Maguire", "Chicago", "Bridget Jones" movies, "Cinderella Man", "Case 39" and most recently "The Whole Truth."

Clip from Chicago


Catherine Zeta-Jones as Velma Kelly

Movie: Chicago

Box Office: $306 million

Catherine Zeta Jones Info: Most recently in the media for her diagnosed Bipolar disease and her husband Michael Douglas's battle with cancer, prior to winning her Oscar for "Chicago" Jones was most well know for her role in the Mask of Zorro movie with Antonio Banderas. Zeta Jones went on to star in a variety of movies after her Oscar win which included "The Terminal", Ocean's Twelve", "No Reservations", "Rock of Ages", "Side Effects" , "Red 2", and "Broken City."

Clip from A Beautiful Mind


Jennifer Connelly as Alicia Nash

Movie: A Beautiful Mind

Box Office: $313 million

Jennifer Connelly Info: Connelly had been in the acting world since 1982 before finally hitting the big time in the movie "A Beautiful Mind." This would be the first time that Connelly's acting would be recognized and rewarded. She has gone onto to star in many movies following her Oscar win including: "Hulk", "House of Sand and Fog", "Dark Water", "Blood Diamond", "The Day the Earth Stood Still", "He's Just Not That Into You", "The Dilemma", "Winter's Tale", "Noah" and "Shelter."

Clip from Pollock


Marcia Gay Harden as Lee Krasner

Movie: Pollock

Marcia Gay Harden Info: Harden had been acting since her role in 1979's "Not Only Strangers." However, prior to winning her Oscar Harden was mostly known for her supporting roles in comedic or lighthearted movies such as "The First Wives Club" and "Flubber." After winning her Oscar she went onto star in "Mystic River", "Mona Liza Smile", "The Hoax", "Into the Wild", "Detachment", "Unity" and "Fifty Shades of Grey."

Clip from Girl, Interrupted


Angelina Jolie as Lisa Rowe

Movie: Girl, Interrupted

Box Office: $48 million

Angelina Jolie Info: Jolie is best known as the other half of the Brad Pitt clan and the mother of his six children. She is also more of a humanitarian than an actress these days but after winning her Oscar, Jolie went through a transformation. She soon found herself starring in movies such as "Mr. and Mrs. Smith", the "Lara Croft" movies, "Beyond Borders" , "Taking Lives", "Alexander", "Wanted", "Salt" , "The Tourist", and "Maleficent."

Clip from Shakespeare in Love


Judi Dench as Queen Elizabeth I

Movie: Shakespeare in Love

Box Office: $289 million

Judi Dench Info: Dench was definitely a well known actress prior to her supporting Oscar win for her role in "Shakespeare in Love." Dench has been acting since 1959 and continues to act today. Her most recent movie is "Tulip Fever."

Clip from L.A. Confidential


Kim Basinger as Lynn Bracken

Movie: L.A. Confidential

Box Office: $126.2 million

Kim Basinger Info: Basingers' role has always seemed to be hit or miss but with her role in L.A. Confidential she definitely hit a homerun starring opposite of up and coming actor Russell Crowe. After scoring her Oscar she went onto to star in "8 Mile", "Cellular", "The Sentinel", "The Burning Plain", "Charlie St. Cloud", "The Informers" and most recently "Grudge Match."

Clip from The English Patient


Juliette Binoche as Hana

Movie: The English Patient

Box Office: $231 million

Juliette Binoche Info: Binoche is a well known French actress and dancer. She has mostly had supporting roles in American movies such as "Godzilla", "Cosmopolis", and "A Thousand Times Good Night."

Clip from Mighty Aphrodite


Mira Sorvino as Linda Ash

Movie: Mighty Aphrodite

Box Office: $26 million

Mira Sorvino Info: Sorvino has only been acting for a short two years prior to winning her Oscar Award. After winning her award she went onto to star in some hits and a lot of movie bombs. She starred in the following movies after winning her Oscar: "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion", "Mimic", "At First Sight", "Summer of Sam", "Gods and Generals", "Reservation Road", "Perfect Sisters", and "Trade of Innocents."

Clip from Bullets Over Broadway


Dianne Wiest as Helen Sinclair

Movie: Bullets Over Broadway

Box Office: $13 million

Dianne Wiest Info: Wiest may not be a household name but there is not doubt that you have seen many of her movies. You may have seen Wiest in : "Footloose", "The Lost Boys", "Parenthood", "Edward Scissorhands", "The Scout", "The Horse Whisperer", "I Am Sam", "Passengers", and most recently in "The Odd Life of Timothy Green."

Clip from The Piano


Anna Paquin as Flora McGrath

Movie: The Piano

Box Office: $140 million

Anna Paquin Info: The Piano was her first major acting role and she won an Oscar at the age of 11 making her the second youngest person to win an Oscar. She has gone on to have a wonderful career starring in a variety of movies and on the HBO television series hit "True Blood."

Clip from My Cousin Vinny


Marisa Tomei as Mona Lisa Vito

Movie: My Cousin Vinny

Box Office: $64 million

Marisa Tomei Info: Tomei has had a long career after winning her Oscar in 1992. She has starred in movies such as "Chaplin", "Untamed Heart", "The Watcher", "What Women Want",
"Someone Like You", "Anger Management", "Alfie", "Wild Hogs", "The Wrestler", "Grown Ups", "Crazy, Stupid, Love", "The Ides of March" and most recently "Trainwreck."

Clip from The Fisher King


Mercedes Ruehl as Anne Napolitano

Movie: The Fisher King

Box Office: $41 million

Mercedes Ruehl Info: Ruehl's career never really took off after winning her Oscar. Her biggest acting role after her Oscar win was starring in the movie "Last Action Hero." However, she will go down in history for her Oscar win.

Clip from Ghost


Whoopi Goldberg as Oda Mae Brown

Movie: Ghost

Box Office: $505 million

Clip from My Left Foot


Brenda Fricker as Brenda Brown

Movie: My Left Foot

Box Office: $14 million

Clip from The Accidental Tourist


Geena Davis as Muriel Pritchett

Movie: The Accidental Tourist

Box Office: $32 million

Clip from Moonstruck


Olympia Dukakis as Rose Castorini

Movie: Moonstruck

Box Office: $91 million

Clip from Hannah and Her Sister


Dianne Wiest as Holly

Movie: Hannah and Her Sisters

Box Office: $59 million

Clip from Prizzi's Honor


Anjelica Huston as Maerose Prizzi

Movie: Prizzi's Honor

Box Office: $26 million

Clip from A Passage of India


Peggy Ashcroft as Mrs. Moore

Movie: A Passage to India

Box Office: $27 million

Clip from The Year of Living Dangerously


Linda Hunt as Billy Kwan

Movie:The Year of Living Dangerously

Box Office: $10 million

Clip from Tootsie


Jessica Lange as Julie Nichols

Movie: Tootsie

Box Office: $177 million

Clip from Reds


Maureen Stapleton as Emma Goldman

Movie: Reds

Box Office: $50 milliion

Clip from Melvin and Howard


Mary Steenburgen as Lynda Dummar

Movie: Melvin and Howard


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