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Oscar 2016

Updated on February 29, 2016


Ended the Oscars in 2016 , and the curtain came down on the most important art event in the world , it was Leonardo DiCaprio Leonardo DiCaprio winner of the best actor for the film The revenant, at the time , won its director , Alejandro Gonzalez Anarret Gonzalez, Alejandro González, b Oscar for best director . As expected , Perry Larson Beri Larson won the award for best actress for the film Room, and movie Spotlight for the best film category , was also marked by the emergence of a special ceremony for Omar Sharif .

Many events marked the Oscar ceremony in 2016 , was the lyrics and songs and charges , including:

- Provide US Vice President Joe Biden, Joe Biden 's Lady Gaga Lady Gaga on stage , where he led the song Til It Happens To You, in the defense of victims of rape and frame. - Lost Leonardo DiCaprio Leonardo DiCaprio , which included a cry for the environment and climate change . - Accuse Chris Rock Chris Rock ceremony of the 2016 Oscar- racism.

Finally won Leonardo DiCaprio Leonardo DiCaprio his first Oscar in his life for the film yield The Revenant, after five Oscar nominations and a long wait , where competition for the best actor award with all of Bryan Cranston Bryan Cranston, and Leonardo DiCaprio Leonardo DiCaprio, and Matt Damon Matt Damon, and Michael Fassbender michael Fassbender, and the hands of Redman Eddie Redmayne.

This is the third award for the film at the Oscars 88 after winning best picture and best director. Leo Liu received the full support even before the start of the ceremony, with singer Adele Adele announced through a tweet published a few hours of the distribution of the Oscars ceremony in the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood before the full support of the star DiCaprio DiCaprio, and wished him luck international artist, where she said: "Good luck Liu. Everyone loves you because you're the best." Lady Gaga Lady GaGa did not hesitate to turn to reveal bias of a star The Revenant, after the confusion that took place between them at the Golden Globe Awards ceremony two months ago. US singer has published its image without makeup, hours before the concert began, and Grdt across Toatrkailh: «I do not know about you but I'm biased Leonardo. We blessed us have years of stories provided by, worthy of the No. 1.

She had Atjt the attention of the whole world to watch the Academy Awards ceremony in 2016, which saw fierce competition across all categories. Missed results were as follows: Best Film: Spotlight Best Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio for the movie "The Revenant" Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Mark Raellens for the film "Bridge of Spies" Best Actress: Brie Larson for the film "Room" Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Alicia Vekandr for the film "The Danish Girl" Best animated film: Inside Out Best Cinematography: The Revenant Best fashion design: Mad Max: Fury Road Best Documentary (long): Amy Best Documentary (Short): A Girl In The River: The Price of Forgiveness Best Editing Film: Mad Max: Fury Road Best foreign language film: Son of Saul: (in Hungarian)

Best makeup and styling hair : Mad Max: Fury Road Best original music : Writing's On The Wall from the movie "Spectre" Best soundtrack : The Hateful Eight Best production design (the best decor ): Mad Max: Fury Road Best animated short film : Bear Story Best Short Film : Stutterer Best Sound Editing : Mad Max: Fury Road Blending the best musician : Mad Max: Fury Road Best visual effects : Ex Machina Best Adapted Screenplay : The Big Short Best Original Screenplay : Spotlight Best Director : Alejandro c . Inarritu for the movie "The Revenant" Statue " Oscar " of the Siberian gold star Leonardo DiCaprio

And this award overcome DiCaprio on Brian Carsten (Trumbo) and Matt Damon (The Marshen) and Michael Fassbender (Steve Jobs) and Eddie Redman (The Daanc Girl). Applaud the audience stood at the announcement of DiCaprio win a moment that was very anticipated at the ceremony. DiCaprio has been nominated six times to win the Oscar. 41-year-old actor has thanked a long list of people who contributed to his career, including director Martin Scorsese before he talks about his passion for the defense of the environment. Said DiCaprio "Climate change a reality. It is happening now. It is the most dangerous, who stared each species and we need to work together and stop to avoid it." He added threat, "we must support the leaders of the world who do not speak on behalf of the adult polluters and large companies, but those who speak in the name all mankind, on behalf of indigenous peoples in the world. "

Moment for Leonardo DiCaprio on Oscar 2016


Is Hollywood stars agree to invite the Oscar boycott because of racism against the owners of dark skin

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