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Other Lives, New Indie Band That Rock A Pow-Wow Beat

Updated on April 10, 2012

Other Lives are Jesse Tabish, Jenny Hsu, Colby Owens, Johnathon Mooney and Josh Onstott. They are a new indie band. With their native American influence, you can be sure that they will rock you with a pow-wow beat that is unique and beautiful.

If you have arrived here for a music review, you have come to the wrong place. I have provided many first class music reviews of the band's recording efforts at the base of this article.

No, this article is more than that. Here you will find a new love in your life. If you are attracted to Other Lives, there is more to you than the average Joe. You are one of a gathering of like minds who really 'get it' with this band. Welcome to the Pow-Wow!

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Jesse Tabish
Jesse Tabish
Jenny Hsu
Jenny Hsu

Other Lives And The Enchantment Of Jesse Tabish

The first thing that seems to stand out, apart from appearing on Thom Yorke of Radiohead's play list, is the Native American Indian influence. This seems to pulsate in the veins of Other Live's music.

The brilliant, but coy, Jesse elude's an aura of spirituality that, not only can be identified within the music that he writes, but the man himself. It is probably from the land of his birth that penetrates his soul, either that, or from some deep suffering that presents and manifests itself as a blessing in the form of his musical ability. Whatever, this man loves unconditionally with a passion and you will succumb to the charms of both albums as you would be enchanted by the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

Other Live's are blessed with the soft voice of Jenny, who plays the Cello so eloquently. Her harmonisation with violin's, harpsichords, keyboards and bells, amongst a multitude of other instruments, seem to create a butterfly effect that reverberates throughout the whole band. These include the multi-talented efforts of Johnathan - the divine player of many different instruments who fills the inter-spaces of their musical universe - and Josh, again a multi-instrumentalist bass player etc.. etc.. In fact, I don't know where their musical talents begin or end. However, it is Colby who brings the band together. His tight drum beats are mesmerizing to all members, both listeners and the band, to this Indian pow-wow.

Songster and instrumentalist extraordinaire, Jesse, is the power behind the beat. He always seems to bare his soul to the moment. He feels like a scene from the film 'The Green Mile' on meeting him. John Coffey is softly spoken healing man who bares a pain but very much keeps to himself. Coffey is to The Green Mile as Tabish is to Other Lives.

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Colby Owens
Colby Owens


Flight of the Flynns
Flight of the Flynns

Kunek is the original name for the band, before changing it to Other Lives. This prelude album is very much in the same style as the new, revamped, Other Lives and is a must should you crave more from this incredible band!


Other Lives, 9 Years From Kunek To Tamer Animals

Tamer Animals is the second album produced in Jessie's studio and why wouldn't that be the most appropriate when two of your band members are teacher's of music and have been since their teens?

It is of no surprise, therefore, that this was just a prelude preparation for the genius that was to come with both albums, starting with the debut aptly named Other Lives.

Having said that, it has been 9 years since the band started out. Kunek was the original format and, like a marriage, the members are very old friends.

Both Jesse and Josh have been teachers of music. Jesse, particularly, since he was 19 years old. Music has been their sustanance for a very long time now.

Like a nurtured flower, they have grown and blossomed.

The band Other Lives live in the same town as The Flaming Lips, Oklahoma, but don't let that make you think that their style is the same.

On the contary, they have their own - the same melancoly vibration as with the early days of Elbow with Coldplay's potential of stardom.

They have already been featured on the UK's Radio 6, Radio One and, just recently, the Dermot O'Leary show on Radio 2, not to mention that the below song 'For 12' is being considered for a Grammy nomination.

As you can see, this band is getting a lot of interest and, once you have heard this track, you will understand why.

Other Lives Singing Live At Rough Trade Records, Green Man Festival 2011

Jonathon Mooney
Jonathon Mooney

Tamer Animals will inspire all new kinds of awakening in people

Impressed with Other Lives, we imported their debut and Tamer Animals from New York, USA. It was important to consume the spirit of the Native American Indian - the musical medicine for the soul - from the Hah-ah' eel-me'-whem, the great spirit chief who called the Animal People together.

This is a Salish Legend (see Resource Box) which I have found apt in describing Other Lives. Their music has strong resonnance of Chip-chap-tiqulk as they bring us Animal People together for the great change that will take place on this earth. Yes, indeed, Jesse, with your music love, Tamer Animals will inspire all new kinds of awakening in people - let the magic begin, let the pow wow bring us together!

How can the plains of Oklahoma be so dessolate, now?

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Josh Onstott
Josh Onstott

Other Lives, A New Indie Band

I have met the band. They are the sweetest taboo with an honesty that only they can call their own. They know our universal interconnectedness, the wisdom of the ages, as this manifests as an expression of God's love inmersed within musical light.

I told Jesse that I loved him. He replied he loved me too. I replied that I REALLY loved him and he said that he REALLY loved me too. The palms of our hands barely touched through the spaces of the bamboo fence - just our energy. It was a moment in time and I know that there is union. I am part of the pow-wow.

This is what Other Lives are about... real love of other human beings which is so aptly shared in both the debut album and Tamer Animals. Why not come and join the love by feasting on the fat of the music? Come join us in the union and transend to that pow-wow in the sky, Josh will take you there.

Yes, Other Lives really are a new indie band that truely rock a pow-wow beat!

© 2011 Shazwellyn - This work is covered under Creative Commons License

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