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Our Mystery Tour With The Beatles

Updated on February 5, 2015

Flowers Respond to "Flying"

How? By Swaying In The Breeze WhileThe Music Is Playing.
How? By Swaying In The Breeze WhileThe Music Is Playing. | Source

How to Sit On A Cornflake

Now, granted I was not even a teenager when I first heard these words. Other kids thought I was lying when I swore to them those were too the words of the song. Well, from that moment on, not only the Beatles and their music, but the love of how we make words do whatever we want them to came into my wanna be writer brain.

Oh how could you not love I am she is he is you and me all together.....Not going to say it exactly, that is for you discover.

Now tell me what in the world is an egg man? (Hint: one of the links below lets you know.)

I was thrilled, see how they fly, see how they run. Who? What? The boy, the walrus, the nursery rhyme of the Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, looking like an egg? Yes, it did make much more sense watching the on television.

Run that by me again, "What happens in an English Garden?"

Yes, the joker does laugh at you, have you ever seen a picture of a joker that wasn't? Go ahead and show it to me then. (This was when I first discovered the people around me didn't care as much about the words as I did.)

Oh yes, I too, love Edgar Allen Poe. Yes, I do feel like I am in a circle right now marching left and right, not understanding any of the words being said, and did he say Marry Me or Bury Me?

Right then I discovered it as one of my all time favorite things to do. Listen to the words of the music, the words to anything really. All by itself it can really mean a variety of things. To make any sense to anything at all there has got to be at least three, or five or.

After watching the movie the music quite simply hooked me. Words all over the page in complete harmony and perfection with the music. How easy and joyful it seemed to be.

Mystical Memories

My Mother Does Know

I wouldn't know music at all if it wasn't for the variety my mom listened to. Here she's got this very open minded, very opinionated kid who loves more than anything else to say "Guess what I just found out about"?

Now, this pre-teen girl didn't wait to see if there was any interest or not. Nope, she just rattled on to her hearts content, washing, or rinsing, stirring gravy in the pan, anything for the few moments to have her momma hear her cool, new revelation of the latest music she'd learned the words to.

Then on she'd run to try to write it down before the very strange melody that changed her point of view wasn't the glorious surprise any more.

Momma patiently waits for that silly ole girl to discover how wonderful it feels to be one of the beautiful people.

On that day we realize we all are.

A Magical Musical Game

We found this video quite intriguing in more than words can say, how they did it, now on a game box? Introducing a new way to play the music? Does it keep us in the house all day, instead of touring around in a bus or outside to play? Everyone has their own way. Wonder what those fab 4 would do with the technology of today?

Then the production of their first movie might have led them a different way. We picked it also for the reason of change. It is good to see and hear things in a new context, glad the music in our ears rings the same. There are bands of musicians in other neighborhoods who sound real close to them, all good for the die hard Beatle Fan.

I am glad for the most part to know there is too much information out there about them to completely unravel and forget who they were. The message has been the same for this many years, it is shining through again, roll on mystery bus.

Customized Magical Tour

Love Joy Peace Happiness and Laughter

What once was my least favorite word, the most misunderstood is now for me, a perfect first word. They were able in that song to narrow it down to one word.

In my lifetime, so far, there is still 5 I hold onto. Listening to them again, I believe it is true.

Hey, when they even throw in a "yee haw" country style, every one around me just laughed.

Yes, we could believe that all you need is....

Teach Us To Play Music

Which Beatle Is Your Favorite?

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Let's Have Fun With It, Did Paul Really Sign It?

Oh to dress up in those colorful costumes and prance around on the stage twirling in the white across the ball room.
Oh to dress up in those colorful costumes and prance around on the stage twirling in the white across the ball room. | Source

Act One Side, Listen, Side Two

(click column header to sort results)
Magical Mystery Tour  
The Fool On The Hill  
Blue Jay Way
Your Mother Should Know
I Am The Walrus
Hello Goodbye
Strawberry Fields Forever
Penny Lane
Baby Your A Rich Man
All You Need Is Love
Beatles Mystery Tour

Tour Package

Magical Mystery Tour Deluxe Box Set (Blu-ray/DVD/double-vinyl EP)
Magical Mystery Tour Deluxe Box Set (Blu-ray/DVD/double-vinyl EP)

Every collector of Beatle music I know has or wants this one. With all the listening components we now have, what they accomplished is pure genius. At times it was scientific with a bird, a whistle, or a ting.

They created sounds from their drums, guitars, piano, and more. Experimenting with mono and stereo speakers, the list goes on.


Written For Their Stage Performance

How many takes before it is perfect? So nice to have a variety of renditions of this from a story and an old legend of a song. A favorite performance with the stage built in a hangar in....How fun is that? As far as a marvelous place for sound what a place for a stage.

Do you know which song this is talking about? Beatles music put trivia on the map by switching studios and recording two monos and two stereo versions of it.

Significant recording dates are August 23rd, September 16th, and on September 29th, back to what it was in the beginning.

That might feed into some of the clues to why Paul was thought dead.

Royal Air Force Air Field in Kent England

Flying Into The Future

Magical Mystery Tour
Magical Mystery Tour

I own the digitally re-mastered CD version by EMI Records Ltd in 1987. Yes, that trivia is important as it includes a Beatles Catalog. A big deal back then. The version listed here is from 2009. Included is a "mini tour" disc to view on your computer. Will the wonders ever cease?


Magical History In Music

Sing Along

On Blue Jay Way

A Favorite Song To This Day

© 2015 MJ Martin aka Ruby H Rose

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  • MJ Martin profile image

    MJ Martin aka Ruby H Rose 2 years ago from Washington State

    Yep, their music has been a part of our lives for a very long time, glad you enjoyed the story.

  • ReviewsfromSandy profile image

    Sandy Mertens 2 years ago from Wisconsin

    I love the Beatles and seen the movie too. Thumbs up.