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Ouran High School Host Club

Updated on May 12, 2013

Welcome my Princess

Which hosts would you like?

Natural, Wild, Prince, Cool, Little Devils, Loli-Shota? Love them to bits?

Designate them and you would be able to talk to them everyday. Ever wanted a school like Ouran Academy, where there are hosts serving you in the Third Music Room of the Academy. Find out the unique characteristic of each hosts.

Hosts Club

Haruhi Fujioka started becoming a new hosts at the Ouran Academy as she broke a vase that is worth 8 million yen in the Third Music Room where the hosts are working. The only way to repay is to be a hosts and have 1000 students designate her, at first she was mistaken to be a boy due to her short hair. After that each members found out that she is a girl by themselves. From then on, she acted as a host and more students started to designate her. The hosts liked her very much due to her personality and among the hosts, Tamaki Suoh doted on her the most as he finds her very cute, to Tamaki Suoh, Haruhi is just like his daughter who must be protected. Through the times of being in the host, Haruhi had learn and taught the hosts a lot of things, such as when Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin quarrel, she helped them to patched up which turned out to be a lie. The twins was bored and think of that idea, and they got their wish of visiting Haruhi's house. To the hosts, Haruhi is teaching them news things like drinking commoner's instant coffee. Their reactions and way of living always makes Haruhi call them "rich bastards"

The Hosts

Haruhi Fujioka

To me Haruhi is a girl who don't really cares about her image, she feels that there is no difference whether the hosts recognise her as a boy or girl. The most funny part of her is when they were having body examination, the hosts were so worried that her cover may be blown except her who isn't worried at all. Although Haruhi does not like the Hosts Club, she still go for the club activities. I like Haruhi a lot as she is very cute when she is not wearing spectacles and although she may behave like a boy there is a girlish side of her. In the anime, she is known as the Natural Type which means need not try to act out,she never hide her feelings or reactions.

Tamaki Suoh

The Prince Type, everyone in the hosts club respect him and obey him.He love Haruhi very much and always protect her and helped her in times of need. Although Tamaki Suoh may be the prince type, he is not arrogant and he behaves like a child. Whenever, Hauruhi said something bad about him, he would emo in a corner. That reaction of him makes him very cute in the whole anime. I love Tamaki the most when he hid in one corner. He is also known as the "Father" of the club, no doubt his daughter will always be Haruhi, the girl he loves most.

Kyoya Ootori

Vice-president of the Host Club, the "Mother" of the Host club claimed by Tamaki, the cool type hosts, that totally describe Kyoya. He may be ruthless with money, constantly reminding Haruhi the amount that she own, however when a person is in money crisis he is willing to part with the money. As he is from a rich family and able to manage money well, he is the manager of the host club taking care of their expenditure. i love Kyoya Ootori as he may be silent most of the times actually he is observing things that happened around him.

Hikaru Hitachiin & Kaoru Hitachiin

The only twins in the host club, Little Devil types, they are also the classmates of Haruhi. They always depends on one another and during the time when they interact with the other students, they liked to play the guessing game of identifying who is Hikaru and who is Kauru. The students are all always unable to guess correctly except Haruhi, who also unable to explain how she do it, the twins who always there for each other feels threatened as Haruhi is the first person who is able to identify the two of them. I love the twins a lot as they are very funny, and when they were with their customers, they will act out their brotherly love for each other.

Mitsukuni Haninozuka

I bet everyone knows "Honey-senpai", the Loli-Shota type. Even though he is small in size however do not under-estimate him,he is highly skilled in martial arts. He could be seen carrying a bunny around him at all times and his favourite food is cakes of all kinds of flavours,he had a sweet tooth and due to the over eating of sweet stuffs, he had a toothache. I love Honey senpai alot as he is very innocent especially when he is sleeping he must not be woken up by anyone. He is always seen hanging around Takashi who protects him due to his small size.

Takashi Morinozuka

Even though he always have a dazed look on his face, "Mori" is known as Wild type in the Host Club. He is always with Honey-senpai saving him from different kinds of situation. To me, Mori is cute in his own special ways like when he was saving Haruhi from the clutches of Tamaki, he accidentally found out that she is actually a girl as he is hugging her high up so that Tamaki is unable to catch her. The way he allow Honey-senpai to sit on his shoulder shows his utmost care and concern for him.

Ouran High School Host Club - Episode 1

Welcome, My Princess

Which hosts would you like to interact with?

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    • profile image

      Ishimaru Kazuma 7 years ago

      This anime is one of the most hilarious ones I've seen so far. Also the bit of romance flavor is really sweet... It's perfect! Thanks for the lense.

      Hilarious anime! And I love that it has a bit of romance flavor as well. It's perfect <3

      There's actually a web out there that has this basic idea - hosts entertaining people! So check it out if you want

    • mosaic lm profile image

      mosaic lm 7 years ago

      I just started watching this on hulu. It's hilarious!

    • profile image

      MidnightGrove 8 years ago

      My daughter loves this series! It's lucky I enjoy anime as well, the amount I'm made to watch! : )