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Out Of Control Teen Girls On The Maury Show

Updated on February 26, 2011

Too Grown For TV

     Being the mother of a sixteen year old young lady, I always try to watch Maury to learn some of the hidden pressures of being young again. I really have to say that the out of control teens that have been on his show are rediculous and very disrespectful to everyone. They cuss their parents out and these little grown asses dress too provocative and grown also. They look like sleazy streetwalkers most of the time and the mothers are sitting up there crying instead of slapping the dog doo doo out their behinds.

     I know that raising kids, especially teenagers is hard but come on, where are these parents balls?? Sorry to seem so graphic, I just really had to say that. My daughter is not always on her best behavior but I can honestly say that she is not and hopefully won't ever be the handful these girls are. I have never had to beat my daughter since she was 7 years old and I do not plan on fighting with a child in my house!! Point blank. If you wanna lay up and get pregnant and be grown, then get the hell out because it is not going down like that over here.

     These girls should not have to be taken to jail and funeral homes to see that what they are doing to there parents and bodies is wrong. Some of these girls have abused their moms and siblings with no remorse and it is really just sickening to me. I think that bringing these girls on Maury helps for a while but majority of these grown asses go right back to doing the same thing by the time they leave the studio. A lot of these parents say that because of new laws and Child Protective Services, they are afraid that if they hit or bruise their child, they will be brought up on charges. Nowadays a lot of teachers are required to report signs of abuse even without talking to the parents. That is wrong in my eyes because what if it was not abuse, butt just a good old-fashioned but whipping?? It sure worked for me when I was a kid.

I just want to say good luck to anyone going through this because in this day and age it is sad. I guess that is why a lot of kids are killing each other and having no remorse. I personally do not believe in ADHD or behavior disorders. I believe in good old butt whippings and punishments that are very long and boring. Good luck parents!!

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    • profile image

      Assimy 4 years ago

      If I had a teenager that even thought about getting out of control I would beat the breaks off of them all these wanna be grown so fast teenagers need is a good but whopping I guarantee you they'll straighten all the way upcyou don't never need to be scared of something that you birth if you are then you just have a serious problem point blank

    • profile image

      Assimy 4 years ago

      These parents ave birth to their own kids but then can't control them something is wrong with the parents

    • profile image

      Ms.B 5 years ago

      i agree with most of the things you said in your aritcle. But i wouldn't kick my daughter out for getting pregant yeah ill she sure will get a beating but not kick her out. Your her parnet, and every made a dumb decission or mistake before.

    • Hezmyjoy profile image

      Lenora Brown 5 years ago from United States

      I thought I was the only one writing about Maury. Seems there is so much interest, but who is learning the lessons? Here is mine:

    • stacies29 profile image

      stacies29 6 years ago from Washington DC

      Thanks Carliismiles

    • profile image

      Carliismiles<3 6 years ago

      This hub was so funny, but at the same time so true. I'm currently 17 and there is no way in hell (excuse me for the language) that my parents would let me do even HALF the things these girls do on the Maury show. Now i watch it a lot because it's a favorite of my mom and i, so i know what you're talking about. These girls have absolutely no respect for no one, not even themselves. They act like immature women.. and really, that's what they are. My mom is seriously old school, I know that if i was to back talk to my mom the way these girls do, i'd get the living slapped right out of me.

    • Arielle00 profile image

      Arielle00 7 years ago