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Out Of Eden

Updated on February 20, 2016

Track Listing:

lovely day
come & take my hand
show me
3 bro's w/ no fro's (interlude)
good thing
gotee's groovin'
there is a love
joy (interlude)
heart of hearts
a friend
force like this
lovely vibe (interlude)
gotee's groovin' (drumapella)

More Than You Know
Greater Love
It's Me
Good Time
You Brought the Sunshine
Get it Right
Giving My All
Get to Heaven
Can't Let Go
Then and Only Then

Track Listing:

1. Lookin' For Love
2. River
3. Spirit Moves
4. Here's My Heart
5. Window
6. If You Really Knew
7. Tomorrow
8. Open Up Your Heart
9. Draw You Near
10. No Turning Back
11. Sarah Jane

Track Listing:

  1. Different Now (Lisa Kimmey, Lee Jerkins, David Hackley)
  2. Day Like Today (Lisa Kimmey, Donnie Scantz, Jamie Portee)
  3. Paradise (Lisa Kimmey, Todd Collins)
  4. Meditate (Lisa Kimmey, Nate "Love" Clemmons, "Big Mike" Clemmons, E. Roberson)
  5. Now I Sing (Lisa Kimmey, Lee Jerkins, David Hackley)
  6. Showpiece (Lisa Kimmey, A.J. Wolfe)
  7. All You Need (Lee Jerkins, Lisa Kimmey, Lanette Stamper)
  8. Praise You (Lisa Kimmey, Danielle Kimmey)
  9. Rolling Stone (Lisa Kimmey)
  10. This Is Your Life (Lisa Kimmey, Donnie Scantz, Jamie Portee)
  11. I Am The One (Lisa Kimmey, Donnie Scantz, Jamie Portee)
  12. Reprise (All You Need)

Track Listing:

  1. Make Way (Lisa Kimmey, Mooki Taylor)
  2. Just The Way (Lisa Kimmey, Mooki Taylor)
  3. Love, Peace, And Happiness (Lisa Kimmey, Otto Price, Ric Robbins)
  4. Soldiers (Lisa Kimmey, Kene "Ghost" Bell, Danielle Kimmey)
  5. I Know (Lisa Kimmey, Victor Oquendo)
  6. It's You (Lisa Kimmey, Mooki Taylor)
  7. Should'a Listened (Lisa Kimmey, Todd Collins, Michael Ripoll)
  8. Could've Been Me (Lisa Kimmey, Kene "Ghost" Bell)
  9. Drama Free (Lisa Kimmey, Kene "Ghost" Bell, S. Appleton)
  10. Tennessee Girls (Interlude)
  11. Secret (Lisa Kimmey, Kene "Ghost" Bell)
  12. Sincerely (Lisa Kimmey, Kene "Ghost" Bell, S. Appleton)

  1. Fairest Lord Jesus (Barry Graul, Dave Wyatt, Lisa Kimmey, Munster Gesangbuch)
  2. Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise (Lisa Kimmey, Smith, Walter Chalmers)
  3. I Know Whom I Have Believed (Whittle, Daniel S.)
  4. Praise to the Lord, The Almighty (featuring Tree63) (Joachim Neander, Lisa Kimmey, Stralsund Gesahbuch)
  5. My Faith Has Found a Resting Place (Edmunds, Lidie H., Lisa Kimmey)
  6. God Will Take Care of You (Civilla D. Martin, Lisa Kimmey)
  7. Vision of Love (Lisa Kimmey)
  8. Have Mercy (Lisa Kimmey)
  9. Be Still My Soul (Jean Sibelius, Katherine VonSchlegel, Lisa Kimmey)
  10. Listen (Lisa Kimmey)
  11. Better Is One Day (Prelude) (Lisa Kimmey)
  12. Better Is One Day (Bryant Russell, Dee Dee Holt, Lisa Kimmey)
  13. God Will (Reprise) (Civilla D. Martin, Lisa Kimmey)


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