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Superman IV: Quest for Peace

Updated on April 3, 2011

Out of all the history that Superman has, this was the best WB could come up with for a sequel?

The final film, in the Superman series, goes out in a less than heroic fashion. The film is based on the popular comic book character, and it features most the original cast of the first one and a few others. In the movie, Superman decides to take it upon himself to rid the world of all its' nuclear arms after hearing a request from a small boy. However, his arch nemesis, Lex Luthor, escapes from prison to become a nuclear arms entrepreneur, so he can get revenge against the Man of Steel. Lex uses the nuclear weapons combined with Superman's DNA to create a Solar powered villain, whom is potentially stronger than Superman. I must admit that this film does have its' moments, but it's overshadowed by a mediocre script. Overall, if the series wasn't dead with "Superman III," then it's definitely six feet under with this sequel.

The script is simply dreadful using a lot of cheesines that would put Adam West to shame. For example, for some reason the writers thought it would be funny to give Lex a dumb ass nephew. Hence, making Gene Hackman seem more like Archie Bunker playing Lex Luthor. Another thing that bothered me was how when the Solar villain carried a woman through space, yet she was able to breathe just fine. Oh well, I guess logic doesn't apply in this film, or maybe the writers were on crack writing the movie.

However, I did enjoy the scene where Superman had to be himself and be Clark Kent on a double date that was hillarious.

In any case, the director and writers do try to send a positive message about the dangers of nuclear weapons in this film. Despite all its' flaws, it's carried out quiet well. If there was ever anything positive out of this god awful film, then this message would be it.

It's sad to see Superman go out this way. However, the film does send a positive message that's important considering today's problems. Unfortunately, a rancid script ruins the whole film. Overall, this movie officially declares the Superman movie series dead.


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