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Outlander -- Rent

Updated on August 18, 2015

It's a rough road trip for Jamie and Claire...

Claire is on the road with Dougal and company, seeming to feel no bit of apprehension because he tried to force himself on her. All she can think of is this could be a chance to escape. Sometimes I don't understand the woman. Not only doesn't she feel any apprehension, she has no worry about getting in his face.

Claire meets Colum's lawyer, Ned, on the trip. Of course, their converstion is vastly different from the one in the book. He's talking about Young Willie being teased about this being his first time on the road. Left out of the converstion was a lot of the reason Dougal has for resenting Jamie. Like he got passed over for laird because of his behavior when Jamie's mother eloped with his father. And that Jamie is a lot like his grandfather, Jacob Mackenzie, in looks and behavior.

Claire feeling a bit isolated by the speaking and Gaellic and the dirty sex stories Dougal is telling. Angus gives Claire an unedible dinner so Jamie gives her a piece of bread. Jamie says he doesn't think she's a spy but thinks there are things she's not telling. And he knows it's still in her mind to make a run for it. Claire stomps off at that, and he says she did ask what he was thinking.

Renters pay in grains and live animals. Dougal is inviting people to a gathering later that night. Claire wanders off and acquaints herself with the women pulling wool, that includes peeing on the wool. Unfortunately, trouble arises when Angus drags her away from her good time. Before that Claire questions the ladies about Craigh Na Dun. They tell her it's three days away.

Claire orders Angus to not touch her, then she tries to take one of the goats and give it back to the woman who has a hungry baby. Then she and Dougal get into it. A man asks if Claire is all right and none of them realize the man is a redcoat.

Claire watches Dougal at his gathering as he gives a speech in Gaellic. During it, he rips Jamie's shirt off his back to display his scarred back. Jamie signals Murtagh not to interfere. The men there donate money to Dougal. Afterwards, Jamie storms out, grabbing up his ruined shirt, saying he'll mend it himself when Dougal orders Claire to mend it and she refuses.

Claire asks Ned how Colum would like it if he knew he was helping Dougal steal money from him and using Jamie to do it.

Something that wasn't in the book The Watch burning crofter cabins and stealing from them.

Claire refuses to take what Angus gives her and says she doesn't eat with theives. Angus pulls his dirk on her, and Jamie has to calm him down, as Claire stomps off. Jamie goes off to see if she's all right. Asks what's gotten into her to her to talk to Angus like that. That she shouldn't judge what she doesn't understand and to stay out of it.

Of course, Claire won't listen to him. Dougal offers a renter that can't pay food, but Claire gets into his face instead of seeing him showing some mercy to someone who can't afford to pay.

During one of Dougal's speeches, Claire finally figures out that Dougal is raising money for the Jacobite cause.

Claire hears Jamie and Dougal fighting. Jamie tells Dougal his neck and his back are his own concern and Dougal says not as long as he's traveling with him. The scene plays a little different than in the book. Claire comes forward as Jamie is punching a tree. In the book, Jamie realizes she's there and tells her to come out and it's Claire who suggests Jamie punch the tree to get his anger out. I think I liked the scene better in the book. Claire asks if Jamie will let Dougal continue to use him and he says that Dougal is his uncle and you have to choose what's worth fighting for.

Also not in the book was the rent party coming across some Scots hung on stakes and left to be eaten by the buzzards. Dougal orders the men taken down and given a proper burial.

Then it's back to Dougal and his campaign fundraising. This time he uses what happened to their fellow clansmen to raise funds instead of using Jamie's back. In the book, some of the men say something to Jamie and he gets into the fight and that puts an end to Jamie's back being used by Dougal.

Later, Claire hears someone outside her door. It's Jamie. He's worried that since the men have been drinking and might come up and try to force themselves on her. When Claire offers to let Jamie sleep in her room, he says he couldn't because her reputation would be ruined. She settles for giving him the blanket off her bed. They hold each other's hand little longer than necessary.

Claire tries to warn Ned that their planned rebellion is doomed to failure. But he won't listen.

This time when a fight erupts it's because some men are saying derogatory things about Claire. Only Jamie has nothing to do with this fight. He's out taking care of the horses. When Claire is disdaining the men, Murtagh tells her the fight was because of her because they were defending her honor.

When Jamie says he's going to ride ahead to cross Culloden Moor, Claire recalls Frank telling her about the Battle of Culloden,which effectively put an end to the Highlander way of life and the end of the clans. It will happen three years from then.

Claire says she's going to the river to wash. Dougal comes up asking who she is. Ned told Dougal what she told him about the failure of the Jacobite cause. They suddenly find themselves surrounded by redcoats. In the lead is the man from the village who asked if Claire was all right. The man's named Jeremy Foster. Dougal speaks up saying Claire is none of his business. He ignores Dougal and asks if she's there by her own choice.

It seems the opportunity Claire has been waiting for has arrived. But will she take it?


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