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Outrageous Celebrity Demands - Most Outrageous Celebrity Demands

Updated on August 10, 2014

You know a celebrity has truly made it when they begin having insane demands for touring, staying at hotels, or when making appearances. Here are a few celebrities that have let their egos get bigger than the planet Jupiter and the demands they insist on.

Lopez the biggest SNOB of all!
Lopez the biggest SNOB of all!

Jennifer Lopez

One of the biggest divas of current time, I remember when J Lo was just a back up dancer on "In Living Color" and now look at our little Jenny from the block, she all stuck up and snobby now.

J Lo insists on having everything white! The dressing rooms, make up rooms, holding room, etc.. MUST BE WHITE! She needs to have white flowers, either roses or lilies, white lounge chairs, and white Diptyque candles (which I hear are quite expensive). Lopez has a list of pre-approved scents for her expensive Diptyque candles, no other scents are allowed.

To go along with Lopez's white theme she also prefers white food such as fish and grapes.

For her sleeping quarters only white Egyptian cotton sheets are allowed with at least a 250 thread count will do for our little J Lo.


Mariah Carey

Maybe the only other diva to give J Lo a run for her money is Ms. Carey. Carey insists on all of her hotel suite faucets to be fitted with gold faucets. No bronze or silver for this girl. Miss Mariah also insists on a brand new toilet seat being installed in each hotel room or backstage room prior to her arrival. I guess she wants to know that her butt is the only thing that has touched the seat. Also, prior to staying in any hotels, Carey has her own bed linens flown in before her arrival so the bed can be set with her own personal linen, no bed bugs for this lady.

The last outrageous demand our diva wants is French mineral water, which is the only type of water Mariah will bathe in, Oh and the only water she allows her dogs to bathe in.


Kanye West

Who would have guessed that Kanye West would make the list for outrageous demands. It's such a big surprise. Mr. West likes to have a variety of moisturizes, facial scrubs, and other lotions for his backstage rooms. He must have highly sensitive skin. West also demands that Versace towels be flown in for use in his backstage rooms. The Versace towels must then be cut perfectly to size for wiping the sweat off of his face. Only the best for Mr. West's skin.



The material girl being materialistic?? Never!! Madonna's biggest demand is space. She must have enough space for all of her bodyguards, which total to 30! She also needs a room for her yoga instructor, a space for her personal dry cleaner, a space for her chefs, and a space for her acupuncturist.

After she has acquired all of the space she needs, Miss Madonna then insists on only vegan meals on the menu and all of the flowers must be cut to a six inch height.


Katy Perry

Miss Perry may have gotten to big for her britches a little too quickly. She hasn't been on the scene that long and already she is a crazy diva. Perry insists on having cream/soft pink drapes in her backstage rooms, in addition to a refrigerator with a glass see through door, she also must have floor lamps in a French ornate style. All of the flowers in Perry's dressing rooms must be a shade of white, pink, or purple but she does not tolerate carnations.

In addition to all the top demands she all commands that all of her drivers and chauffeurs not to look her in the eyes. Also, the drivers/chauffeurs are not allowed to look back at her in the rear view mirror. If you ask me that's just an accident waiting to happen.



Cher isn't as picky as most may think. Cher just insists on having an extra room for her wigs and a room for Dr. Stacey, who is her personal masseuse. The last thing Cher asks for are black solo cups instead of red solo cups.

50 Cent
50 Cent

50 Cent

50 Cent seems to be preparing for a keg party with each of his backstage demands. 50's long list of demands start with 2 cases of Heineken beer, 2 fifths of Hennessy Whiskey, 3 bottles of Cristal Champagne. Now that the drinks are covered, onto the food. Mr. Cent would like shrimp cocktails and buckets of KFC chicken. Oh and don't forget the 2 boxes of condoms that 50 Cent insists on having at each tour destination. At least he believes in protection.



Beyoncé has a thing with temperature. She insists that her backstage rooms and such be consistently kept at 78 degrees. Ms. Knowles than prefers her alkaline water served at 21 degrees exactly, in addition to hand carved ice balls that she enjoys sucking on prior to performances. Also, no junk food is allowed near Ms. Knowles.


Justin Timberlake

Timberlake brought Sexy back and a bunch of other crazy demands. First off if Mr. Timberlake is staying in a hotel he insists on haven an entire hotel floor to himself. A suite will not do for this super star, he needs an entire floor. Timberlake also insists on having his own personal fitness studio, a large stereo, gaming systems such as play stations or x box. While Justin is overtaking an entire floor in the hotel he also demands that all of the filters in the air conditioners on his floor be changed prior to his arrival. After all of that has been finished he has people that must wipe down door knobs and handles ever few hours to disinfect them.

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has quite a list similar to Ms. Perry's list. Lady Gaga insists on having white leather couches, black satin drapes, and silver satin walls at all of her venues. She also demands that Jameson whisky and organic food be available on command.

For Gaga's bathrooms she prefers the color lavender and insists that everything is lavender from the walls, to bath towels, hand towels, washcloths, hand soap, body wash, face wash, everything must be lavender. Except for the sea foam loofah sponge that she would also like in her rooms.



Rihanna doesn't ask for much just a few basic things such as a 6 foot plush white couch, NOT LEATHER, that is large enough for her to take a nap on. She also wants 6 floor lamps with dimmers, not 5, this girl wants 6! She also prefers a clean animal print rug for her backstage rooms with throw pillows.

Her flowers should be placed in small, clear, square vases filled with either white tulips, white Casablanca lilies, or white freesias.


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    • JKenny profile image

      James Kenny 

      4 years ago from Birmingham, England

      I had a good laugh reading this, also made me respect our monarchy (I'm British) a whole lot more. The Queen has more class in one of her nose hairs than this lot will ever have.

      Thanks for making me chuckle ;)


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