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Most talked about (I don't know why) celebrities

Updated on December 8, 2012

Who do you think is the most overexposed celebrity?

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You cannot question why these 3 Michaels: Jackson, Jordan and Phelphs so as Tiger Woods or Manny Pacquaio are famous. Their name is synonymous to the the greatness of the field that they are in. They earned their way up to the top with hardwork and dedication. A lot of actors are still trying to do the same. Sometimes even after 30 years in the business, a lot of them is still not a household name. While there are several ways to gain fame, there are few people who are just simply famous without so much effort.

Snooki. She's like a darker version of Christina Aguilera.I do not understand why she's famous. She's all over but I don't get it.

Honey Boo Boo. She's a cute little girl. I tried tuning in to her show but nothing really interest me.

Pippa Middleton. She's a regular of yahoo for some months after her sister's wedding. Because of what? Her bum. Maybe yahoo is so obsessed about her.

Kim Kardashian. She's famous for her drop dead body and face but I dunno why she's also always on the news. Every time I read an article about her, there's not much into it. I guess the world wide web has to be allotted for something else. One news per month about Kim is fine.

Paris Hilton. She was once all over but it seems to be dying down now specially right after the friendship break up with Nicole.

Lindsay Lohan. She's Drew Barrymore in the making turned trouble magnet. She's now known for her legal troubles than her work but maybe she'll come around after "Liza and Dick".

Justin Beiber. I am not saying that he just came out of nowhere and suddenly became famous. I believe he has a talent but I have to be biased because I was born in the 80's; the era of Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and Madonna. Justin is on the news whatever he does. He's a polarizing star; both sides of the population feels strongly about him.

Kate Middleton. Yes she's the Duchess of Cambridge, married to the most famous royal family member and she's pregnant (with the twins?) and it's not her fault but why this has to be on the news all the time sometimes 6 reports about her in one newscast?


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