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Owen Grady Jurassic World Costume

Updated on August 29, 2015

How to Dress Like Owen From Jurassic World


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Build an authentic Owen Grady costume with this step-by-step Jurassic World costume guide. Here you'll find descriptions and photos of Owen's rugged wardrobe and creative ideas for putting together an authentic and instantly recognizable Jurassic World outfit.

Owen, played by Chris Pratt, trains raptors at the Jurassic World theme park. A natural outdoorsman and former Navy SEAL, Owen shows the utmost respect for the wild creatures he works with on Isla Nublar.

Owen Grady Essentials


➔ Leather Safari-Style Vest

Owen's distressed dark brown leather cargo vest is the most recognizable part of his rugged wardrobe. Although the vest was created specifically for Chris Pratt by leather artisan Jonathan A. Logan (and authentic replicas cost $750!), a number of online retailers have begun to produce decent knock-offs.

Regardless of whether you decide to buy or make your jungle-worthy vest, focus on the chest pockets and distressed leather. Owen wouldn't be wearing shiny new clothes so neither should you.

Don't forget to wear the vest unzipped when you strike Chris Pratt's now infamous raptor-taming pose.

The actual shirt worn by Chris Pratt on display in Hollywood.
The actual shirt worn by Chris Pratt on display in Hollywood.

➔ Long-Sleeved Light Gray Button-Up & Dark Gray Pants

Inspired by a variety of outdoor shirts (most notably the Open-Air Caster by Orvis), Owen's light gray shirt was, like his leather vest, custom-made for Chris Pratt by Jurassic World's costume department.

If Orvis is a bit too pricey for your budget, any highly textured light gray outdoor shirt with long sleeves (rolled up, of course) and large chest pockets will give your costume the overall look and feel of Owen's actual wardrobe.

As for Owen's pants, they're classic five-pocket double-weave cotton slacks in dark gray (a relatively easy find compared to his vest and shirt). The actual pants worn by Chris Pratt are made by J Brand but cost upwards of $175.

Complete this part of your outfit with a medium brown leather belt with a simple gold buckle.

Wardrobe Cheat Sheet • Actual Clothing Worn by Chris Pratt in Jurassic World

  • Shirt: Custom design inspired by the Orvis Open-Air Caster
  • Vest: Custom design by Jonathan A. Logan
  • Pants: Kane by J. Brand in Leather
  • Belt: Orvis 2C7C
  • Shoes: Eastland Men's Daily Double Boot in Chocolate Suede

➔ Brown Leather Boots

Owen dresses for his job, which involves lots of dirt and very little concern for what's fashionable. His boots are no exception. Complete your costume with Chelsea-style pull-on boots that are dark brown with intricate stitching rather than a solid leather front.

If cash isn't a concern, the actual shoes worn by Chris Pratt in the film are believed to be the Eastland Men's Daily Double Boot in chocolate suede.

Dockers Men's Thurman Chelsea Boot
Dockers Men's Thurman Chelsea Boot

These boots by Docker's are a close match for raptor trainers on a tight budget.


Owen Grady Accessories


➔ Watch

Owen's watch, worn with the face on the inside of his wrist, is an all-black Casio. For a less costly option, check out your local thrift shop or department store for a simple black athletic watch.

Accessory Cheat Sheet • Actual Items Used by Chris Pratt in Jurassic World

  • Watch: Casio GD 1001b
  • Multitool: Leatherman OHT Coyote
  • Multitool Pouch: Custom design by Dragon Leatherworks
  • Knife: Custom design by Steve Auvernhine
  • Knife sheath: Custom design by Dragon Leatherworks
  • Gun: Marlin Model 1895SBL with Silver Leupold FX-II Scout Rifle Scope
  • Sling: Butler Creek Ultra Cartridge Sling

➔ Weaponry

Owen carries a buck knife and Leatherman multi-tool on his right hip in hand-crafted brown leather sheaths designed by Dragon Leatherworks in Tennessee. If you're a diehard fan of Jurassic World or take serious pride in your cosplay, Dragon Leatherworks offers beautiful replicas complete with certificates of authenticity priced between $50 and $100.

As for Owen's knife itself, it was crafted by Kentucky artisan Steve Auvershine, who makes each and every knife by hand. If you shop for a substitute online or in a local shop, look for a knife with a wooden handle with three metal pins.

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