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'Oxygen' was a rubbish episode of Doctor Who!

Updated on July 10, 2017

On the 13th of May 2017, the 5th Episode of the 10th series of Doctor Who was aired on BBC one. 'Oxygen'.

Anyone who's known me for 5 minutes will be able to tell you that I am a Whovian! It's a part of British culture that has been with us for over 50 years, and has given us some great story-lines and fantastic acting.

Unfortunately, once in a blue moon, they create an episode which is simply not up to scratch. 'Oxygen' was one of them.

Left Wing Propaganda

The first problem with this episode is that it is the most blatant anti-capitalist propaganda imaginable.

I have no doubt that this episode will go on to help sell books, toys, DVDs, etc, because capitalism is just so evil! Do these idiots not realize that if it weren't for capitalism, they wouldn't be able to show Doctor Who as nobody would have a TV, computer, or any other type of screen?

The BBC often claims that it is an unbiased organisation. This is evidently false. There is nothing unbiased about the phrase "and that about wraps it for capitalism.- Yay! Then the human race finds a whole new mistake". They explicitly refer to capitalism as a 'mistake'!

Not only is this clear evidence of left-wing bias in the BBC, it's also a huge misrepresentation of what capitalism is. Capitalism is an economic system based upon the transferal of private property from one person to another. It is not an inherently evil system in which the nasty rich hate the poor and just want them to die.

Social Justice Bullshit!

My other problem with the episode was the cringey scene between Bill and that blue guy. Even if racism does still exist, the type where people go around consciously and openly discriminating based upon skin colour does not. And that's the type that this scene is addressing. It was preaching an anti-racist message to an already anti-racist audience.

If you wish to portray such a message, then there are ways of doing so without being so preachy.

Using the word 'racist' just makes audiences roll their eyes as they feel that they are about to watch a lecture, not a sci-fi show.

Perhaps Mathieson could learn a lesson from the many writers of Marvel's 'The X-Men'. In almost every comicbook, they explored the themes of discrimination, separation, bigotry, and accepting who you are. Unlike Mathieson and his team, they done so without the lesson making the story seem annoying and preachy.

Bill is dumb.

Bill is a stupid character.

I can't tell whether she's poorly written or whether Pearl Mackie is just a terrible actress, either way, Bill Potts is a bland, boring, and cliched character.

Also, why is she constantly reminding us that she's into girls? You're gay! We get it! Nobody cares!

Overall, 'Oxygen' was an awful, preachy, leftist episode of the amazing sci-fi series 'Doctor Who'.

Thankfully, the episodes that came afterwards were much, much better.


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