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PBS Kids Programs

Updated on September 23, 2012

PBS Kids® Shows on PBS

PBS Kids offers the best children's programming available on television. It has the added advantage of being free, so it is accessible to a huge number of children.

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Mornings on PBS Kids, the PBS lineup for preschool age children, intends to help prepare children for kindergarten.

The four main programs in the morning are Curious George, Dinosaur Train, SuperWhy, and Sid the Science Kid.

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PBS Kids Shows
PBS Kids Shows

Why PBS Kids?

Doctors have recommend that parents limit the amount of time that young children watch television. Parents have to be smart media consumers on behalf of their children.

So, why would you choose PBS Kids? Well, one of the biggest draws is the lack of commercials. No one will suggest sugary cereals or the latest must-have toy in between shows.That is definitely a huge factor.

Beyond that, the quality of the shows are exceptional. Each show has its own focus, approachable and lovable characters, and models great behavior between parents and children.

PBS Kids is a great resource for parents and teachers. There are a huge number of printables, online games, crafts, and more. Take advantage of it!

Check out PBS Parents for birthday party ideas, printables, and education topics!

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Curious George Videos
Curious George Videos

Curious George on PBS Kids

Curious George is the best program offered on PBS Kids. It is targeted at preschoolers, but older children and adults enjoy it as well. Curious George teaches math and science concepts in a way young children can understand.

Curious George is often presented with a problem, like trying to figure out how many gumballs are in a machine, and the show introduces the concept of estimation. The shows models problem-solving skills and teaches kids how to think about the world around them.

Besides the regular season shows Curious George also has A Very Monkey Christmas show. It is available on DVD. The Curious George movie and Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey are companions to the show and the story lines are related.

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Buy Curious George Videos

Click on the link below if you are interested in learning more about Curious George videos! These videos are some of my kids' favorites.

Curious George Videos

I love Curious George videos just as much as my kids. These ones offered are some of my favorites, especially Curious George Plays in the Snow.

Curious George Toys

If videos aren't your thing, there are tons of adorable Curious George toys that go along with the current series. My daughter's favorite little friend is a Curious George doll. We don't go anywhere without him!

Dinosaur Train on PBS Kids

Dinosaur Train is a great resource of information about dinosaurs that little kids can understand. Kids are fascinated by dinosaurs and the characters in this show help them learn while giving them characters they can connect with.

Thanks to the inquisitive, young dinosaurs, especially Buddy with his hypotheses, children can learn how to ask questions, think of possible solutions, and then test their theories. It is a great introduction to the scientific method!

SuperWhy! - When we have a problem, we look, in a book!

SuperWhy is a great PBS Kids program about learning to solve problems through reading. Kids watching it learn their letters, the value of books, and teamwork. There are some things I really love about SuperWhy, but the big thing that bugs me about it is that it changes fairy tales to suit the point they get across. I understand why they do it, but it can be confusing to little kids when they hear a different version. It is still a great show though!

Sid the Science Kid - PBS Kids

Sid the Science Kid is a great PBS show about learning about and using science. The show centers around an inquisitive boy named Sid, his family, and his classmates. Every episode they learn about a science concept. Some examples are weather, rainbows, pulleys and levers, and recycling. The show has an easy to watch format and my kids love Sid and his friends.

Do you have a favorite PBS Kids show? I'd love to hear about it, or just say hi! Thanks :)

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    • tylerabernethy22 profile image

      tylerabernethy22 5 years ago

      I grew up watching all kinds of shows on PBS! I still watch "Downton Abbey," which is about a wealthy family in the WW1 period. It is based and filmed in Britain! Lovely lens!



    • TonyPayne profile image

      Tony Payne 5 years ago from Southampton, UK

      I think PBS has some good shows for kids. Isn't Barney PBS too?

    • victoriuh profile image

      victoriuh 6 years ago

      @Gypzeerose: Oops, sorry, I missed your question. They do still have Sesame Street. It is a good program, but I don't enjoy it as much as when I was a kid. It has changed a lot. I haven't seen the Carmen Santiago show in a long time. I really liked it!

    • Gypzeerose profile image

      Rose Jones 6 years ago

      Well - Do they still have Sesame Street on? I liked Carmen Santiago as well.