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Piranha 3D Movie Review -3D Shows its Teeth

Updated on March 21, 2012

Piranha 3D Movie Review

Indeed 2010 has been a year for the most number of 3D films to get released. Among them the most notable has been the Piranha 3d movie which can be regarded as the best technological application of three dimensional techniques among 3D movies that has been ever released till now. The 3D effects in the film are stunningly amazing and take the audience by surprise.

The use of cutting edge technology exemplified by the fact of the usage of wonderful visuals has resulted in an enjoyable yet gory experience for the audience. The Piranha movie is actually an action thriller movie and also can be very well categorized under the horror movie genre. The film’s director and the cameraman have very intelligently embedded the very latest eye popping 3D technology and this has made this film such a great hit among the viewers.


This Summer 3D shows its Teeth

The visual quality of the images in this movie has been highly appreciable and much of the praise has to be bestowed upon the Director and the special effects team who have been the real backbone of the film. The Piranha movie was actually first shot in 2D and later it was converted to 3D by using the modern technological methods. This film has so much 3D effects that are encapsulated in it that the images are really dragged out of the screen and it is this technology that has been a wonder for many of the audiences. The 3D technology has been indeed put to its very best use and the computer generated imagery has been much to be praised.

The filming method used for the Piranha has been entirely stereoscopic and this is the real factor that creates the much needed illusion of the reality and gives an in-depth visual effect that is much relished by the audience of all ages. Indeed much of the computer imagery has been made much simple and with the click of a mouse button the 3D images are being produced that has been made possible through the means of the motion capture technology that enables most of the film makers feel at ease since they can add special affects at a later stage and also gives them the entire liberty of positioning their camera wherever they want.

Piranha 3d Technology

It is this 3D technology that has entirely helped the film to bring out some spectacular three dimensional special affects that has become the hall mark of the film. Indeed the film shooting has cost the producers a heft amount but what has come out of the production of the Piranha has been a visual treat that has been readily accepted by the worldwide audience especially due to the spectacular 3D effects.

Almost all the best available newest forms of the 3D technology have been used in filming this entire Piranha movie which has really contributed to the grand success of this movie all around the world. If you want to really enjoy the best 3D effects that have been produced over the big screen then Piranha is undoubtedly the best film that you never have to miss.


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