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POGO Electronic Mix Up Genius Music For Kids and Kids At Heart

Updated on September 20, 2009

Take your favorite childhood movies, distill them into a few soundbites, add a drum sequence, sine wave bass and the genius of a music mixer who is waltzing ahead of the curve, ahead of time and just barely ahead of copyright infringement claims and you end up with truly original electronic music that transports you back to the essence of who you were before you pretended to grow up.

(Don't pretend you're a grown up. We all realize at some point in our twenties that the notion of being a 'grown up' was little more than a ruse adults put on so that we'd believe them when they told us not to drink floor cleaner and dance with trains. After a certain point you stop maturing, get a little taller and start having to pay your own bills.)

Now if you rely on lyrics for music to have some kind of music, then you'll no doubt be lost in POGO's tracks. They make little objective rational sense, but they make supreme sense on the level which music is supposed to make sense on, the emotional level.

Stop for a moment and enjoy a few of his tracks and you'll see what I mean.





Now, if you visit POGO's official channel, you'll note that his track called 'Bangarang” is hosted on another user's account. Why is that? Well Sony apparently threatened to sue POGO for the track and You Tube removed it.

Now, in spite of the fact that there are ample clips from the movie, Disney doesn't seem to mind POGO's use of their material. This could be because they realize how invaluable it is for driving future sales of their back catalog, or because their lawyers haven't gotten wind of it as yet. Given that the track derived from Mary Poppins has over 600,000 views, I hope it is the former rather than the latter.

Derivative works, especially excellent, polished ones such as those POGO creates are the way of the future. All artists, including musicians, artists and authors are facing the same issues. Those who are open with their works will see them flourish. Those who seek to hold onto that which cannot be held onto will perish.

It is the opinion of POGO and his friends that his creations, although they do sample existing works are originals. Certainly they do not take the place of the original tracks, no-one looking for the Peter Pan sound track is going to find POGO's work and mistake it for the original, thus depriving Sony of their sales.

What a pity it is that it is the music industry which cannot appreciate its own product enough to support it and encourage further development. How horrible that they do not understand the real value of what they produce but reduce it to mere nickels and dimes, and in doing so, deprive themselves of future profits which could have been gained by a more collaborative approach.


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