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Review of the movie PRECIOUS.

Updated on November 16, 2009

What the movies about.

Precious! Precious! was all i would hear multiple people talk about, whether it was strangers co-workers or my family. I wanted to see the movie so bad, but it was only in select theaters. It finally came somewhere near my house so i went to see it.

Precious is about a an over weight African American teen girl who was raped by her own father, and impregnated twice by him. This resulted in precious having no self esteem and was no where near comfortable in her own skin. She often wished that she was someone other then her self. She had to be at her mothers call 24/7 while enduring her physical and emotional abuse.

Her mother Mary blamed her for her father leaving. She acted as if she hated precious. She resented her daughter because she felt as if she stole her father from her. As if precious asked to be raped. Mary treated Precious like she was her servant asking her to do things like washing the dishes cooking her dinner, and she even went as far as telling Precious to assist her in pleasuring her self. Mary was emotionally wounded by her daughters father, therefore she felt it was only right to inflict pain on Precious though she was innocent.

Precious had no support from her mother and was always told she was worthless, up until she found her way to an alternative school she finally realized that hope was in reach. She meets a teacher who turns her life up side down by expressing her generosity, and good heart. Through all the struggle and the pain Precious is finally able to get the courage to stand on her own to feet and smile. 

My Review

I thought this movie had potential to be so much better. The movie went back in forth to many times from school to home and back and forth. There seemed to be no complete thoughts in this movie. The worst part about this movie was the way it ended. Throughout the movie they show how Precious is plagued by all this negativity, but it never showed how she ended up after all she went through. For me it seemed as if there should had been more at the end. This movie was low budget , so that may have been why it wasn't extended.

Im not saying that this movie is horrible, im just saying it wasn't clearly expressed. It wasn't done justice. One of my favorite parts was at the end when the mom finally explains her side of the story. I think That Monique really put hewr heart and soul into that part, and it was really touching. Everyone who starred in the mmovie did a great job at playting their cast. The cast was great but the storyline fell off. I would still recommend this to anyone who's interested. But i would just say to lower your expectation a little, becuase it's not what it seems it would be.

Was the movie what you expected.

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    • profile image

      Poppa Blues 

      8 years ago

      Yeah, the movie got a lot of hype. particularly Mariah Carey, but Precious did all the heavy lifting. I thought it was okay, it's a portrayal of reality though which tends to leave one sad, knowing that all to many people are living a similar life, and I think that diminishes the entertainment value. I mean, we go to the movies for an escape from reality and this wasn't it!

    • habee profile image

      Holle Abee 

      8 years ago from Georgia

      I really want to see this! Thanks for the info!

    • lorlie6 profile image

      Laurel Rogers 

      8 years ago from Bishop, Ca

      I have heard so much about this movie lately, it's all over the television and other press.

      Thanks for the review-I hope it plays in my tiny town!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      wow, great review! i had no idea about Precious and her father. how awful. it sounds like a great movie, but when i see something this painful, i want to see how the character ends up when it's over. it's like i tell myself, when watching, "ok things are horrible now but they will be all right". still, i think i will go see it now after reading this review.


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