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PRS Pickups - PRS Guitar Review

Updated on December 2, 2010

For any serious player, the selection of a quality pickup configuration is one of the biggest decisions to make playing the guitar.  PRS offers a variety of high end pickups that can meet this demand and give customers an incredible tone and satisfaction.  

With this hub I would like to explore some of the more popular choices on the market today, painting a picture of what you can expect from each.

PRS Dragon Pickups - Tone Kings
PRS Dragon Pickups - Tone Kings | Source

PRS Dragon Pickups

First on my list is one of my all time favorite pickups – the PRS Dragon.  This leadoff hitter stands apart from many by giving the player an incredibly fat tone.  These pickups are very sensitive, and the dynamics of your playing will be amplified nicely.

PRS released both a Dragon 1 and Dragon 2 pickup, and from my experience they are both great.  Versatility is another bonus to these things, as they will fit almost any playing style.  Check reviews online and you will see players from blues, rock, prog to metal all love the Dragon’s.

PRS 1957 / 2008 Pickups

1957/2008 humbuckers just ooze an incredible tone and feel.  A throw back to the prized vintage tones of 1957, PRS issued these pickups to put new standard on the market. Stock in the Modern Eagle series PRS guitars, these are hot as can be, and warm to the bone so much in fact it will give you goose-bumps. 

PRS #7 Pickups

The #7 pickups get mixed reviews online, and from my experience they are best suited for metal or grunge style players.  They give you a lot of mids, and the bridge pickup has a really fat tone.  If you marry them to a nice axe with maybe a Mesa or vintage Marshall, look out, because they will really scream.

I would not recommend the #7 if you are going for a blues or country feel.

PRS Deep Dish II Pickups

Another one of the lesser known PRS pickups, the Deep Dish 2 offers a hot and distortion friendly output. I have only tried these once, but I found the sound clarity very pronounced, from the highs down to the mids and lows. Not quiet up to snuff with the high end pickups out there (ala P-90 or PRS Dragon), but still a good all around pickup.

PRS Tremonti Pickups

The Tremonti pickups I find to be high output humbucking pickups. They are uncovered, with black bobbins and nickel poles. Overall the tones on these bad boys is exactly what you would expect from a higher end humbuckers; warm, deep and absolutely crisp.

PRS McCarty Pickups

The McCarty pickups are definitely a variation from the hot sounding humbuckers like the Dragon’s or Tremonti pickups.  Usually coil tapped, these offer a more versatile selection of sound selections, and still deliver an incredible feel and tone.

Other Popular Brands

Yes, there are numerous other brands of pickups that will still work nicely with a PRS guitar.  The following would be a few brands that I highly recommend during your consideration.

  • Seymour Duncan
  • Dimarzio (Virtual Vintage)
  • EMG
  • Fender
  • Gibson


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