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PYS's "Gentleman"

Updated on May 6, 2013
Pys getting ready to make his new song.
Pys getting ready to make his new song.


Ever since his hit song "Oppa Gangnam Style" went viral Pys has become a international hit.

Pys is a South Korean pop star who makes music, and dances cheesy.

His idea is, "wear nice clothes dance cheesy."

Pys's real name is Park Jae-Sang but is better known as his rapper name Psy meaning pyscho. He was a pretty normal singer in Korea until his latest song "Gangnam Style" went viral online, and he instantly became a hit.

His video was so popular that it had the most likes on Youtube history.

It has reaches the 1 billion mark, which no video has before. There is no doubt that Pys is a good rapper and now his new song "Gentleman" seems to be on a similar path as his previous song.

Pys doing the Gentleman Dance. (similar to Gangnam Style)
Pys doing the Gentleman Dance. (similar to Gangnam Style)
Gangnam Style chart of views
Gangnam Style chart of views


Well, it's officially here. Pys's long awaited sequel to Gangnam Style has finally arrived, but is it really as good as the previous? After watching the video I would have to say it's better. Oppa Gangnam Style went crazy and of course, the video was hilarious and ultra catchy. Gentleman on the other hand is even funnier and weirder then Gangnam Style, and is totally worth watching.

It has already gotten 100 million views and reached more than 1 million likes. This new video is going even faster than Gangnam Style and in this rate it will have 1 billion views in 2 months. While the other video took time to reach 1 billion this song is going to be faster. Gentleman still has that silly feeling and look like the old one did. It's also very catchy it has this one line that goes, "mother, father, gentleman!" I guess that's the main line of the song.

Gentleman Dance

Gangnam Style Vs. Gentleman

So this may be something that some people have been thinking about that whether Gangnam style is better or Gentleman. I personally think that Gangnam Style is great because it started it all, but Gentleman is better. It is actually way more catchy and funnier than Gangnam Style even though it's a sequel. If you haven't already seen the Gentleman video (which you should have since it's like on the front page of YouTube) than I will provide the video on the right hand side. I'm thinking that since it got so many views already it will be more hit than Gangnam Style and is a great sequel. Once again Pys has made another good song.


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