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Pain Increases Faith

Updated on March 13, 2018


Can you imagine what JESUS experienced carrying the cross? He was whipped, spit upon and his flesh was nailed to the cross and those same people he asked GOD to forgive. He still showed despite what they did to him. That’s the ultimate sacrifice. That took a lot. That’s what the King’s faith takes out of us all. It is a sacrifice. Faith is the hardest thing for any Christian to have but it is the most important. GOD did not say trials and tribulations will not come to our lives. He said they come to test us. Like Jesus passed so must we all. It hurts no doubt. There are three recent movies that described this very well. They are family films. October baby (2011), Courageous (2011) and Grace Unplugged (2013).

October Baby

This movie was released in 2011 by Andrew and Jon Erwin. It starred Rachel Hendrix. Hendrix played a woman named Hannah. Hannah learns that she survived a failed abortion attempt. She does some research. Before she begins, she is auditioning for her university play. Despite suffering Epilepsy, asthma and depression she gets the part. Her first acting gig in a stage play at 19 years old. Even after the celebration she is reminded of her past. She collapses on stage and is rushed to her doctor. She listens to her doctor quote passages about her journal when she felt unwanted and lost. She even finds that she was adopted and that her biological mother tried aborting her. Hannah seeks counsel in those close to her. She is helped to get through those feelings and emotions then decides to go on a journey to find what she lost. To also find out the reason behind it. During the process she goes to Louisiana for spring break. She was not letting her illness stop her from getting answers. She stops at Mobile, Alabama where she was born. She finds the house she was born in locked up. She pries open the lock on the back door and gets arrested but is released after she explains her reason. He sees the birth certificate and recognizes the nurse. He even knows where the nurse lives. This nurse assisted in the abortion and she knows it. Hannah finds out from the nurse that she is not the only one. She’s a twin. The nurse helps her meet her mother whom she’s angry with because she rejected her. Her anger does not last. She later, forgives her mother.


This movie was filmed in Albany, GA. A guy named Nathan Hayes, played by Ken Bevel, gets his truck stolen and he chases behind it. He reclaims the truck but the criminal gets away. During the pursuit he is injured but sees his child in the backseat. The child he is happy to see okay. When Sheriffs Adam Mitchell, played by Alex Kendrick, and Shane Fuller, played by Kevin Downes, shows up and Hayes figures out he is the new sheriff in town. Mitchell adores his daughter but is distant from his 15-year-old son. Hayes never knew his biological father so he treated his neighbor as a father. He does what he can to protect his three children. Making sure they have what he never did. Despite what he will do for them, he has one who is teenaged and she resents him because of his strict rules about dating. She’s at that age. Fuller is divorced like his parents bit has custody of his son taking pride into making sure his son is taken care of. Javier Martinez played by Robert Amaya is an immigrant that is struggling to provide for his family after losing his job. He asks GOD for some guidance. That is when he meets Mitchell. Mitchell recommends him to a full-time job and he gets hired. The four men become friends. They are there for Mitchell as he suffers the loss of his daughter. Mitchell realizes that he must be a better father in the household so he makes some changes. Once of the major changes he makes is to mend the estranged relationship with his son. Fuller does the same with his. Hayes also does the same with his daughter. Hayes even goes to the grave of his father and offers forgiveness unto him. The good faith of these men is rubbing off on Martinez as well. He is offered a promotion but Martinez refuses.It seems the boss promoting him wanted him to do something wrong and he did not want to do it. What Martinez did not know was his boss was testing him and he passed. He was still promoted and his pay was raised. All the men later stand face to face with more problems that they learn to overcome together.

Grace Unplugged

Grace Unplugged is a little different but the same message of faith applies. Its about a musician and names Johnny” Trey” played by James Denton and his daughter Grace played by AJ Michcalka. Grace is an 18-year-old girl who is into church. She sings and her father wants her to sing only religious songs. Johnny is a former Rockstar who turned his life over to Christianity. They have sung together since childhood but one day while doing it Grace decides to add her own into the song. Johnny sees where this is headed and grace does not seem to care. She leaves her home to pursue her dream in music.She meets up with her dad’s ex-producer and her stardom begins to rise. Her first concert was a success. She met her favorite singer who gave her some well needed advice. She even gets asked out by a movie star. She later begins struggling with life as a secular musician. People want to hear her next song. She struggles to answer their call. She cannot write any music. It’s harmful to her career but it is also good for her spiritually. She breaks down due to the pressure. Her friend helps her to get back on track. She then decides to leave.


When you don’t have faith sometimes GOD allows bad things to happen for you to please him. In the first movie Rachel was suffering. She already battled with health issues. Then she battled with the fact that she was adopted. With those facts she almost gave up on life period but that friend made a difference in her turning back to GOD. Grace was born and raised into music. When her father converted to Christianity he wanted her to join him and she did but she also wanted to experience her own. She went out there and suffered. As a result, she broke down. The title of the movie was proof of what saved her and made her turn around. God destroyed her career and sent someone to turn her back to the place she needed to be, Faith is very tricky. If you do not have it GOD will allow things for you to get it. Faith brings things out of you that you never thought was inside of you. In these movies tragedies happened. In them it is always a purpose and we must go to GOD to find it out. When you go to GOD good things happen. Bad things do not mean the devil is in control. Each person in these movies were lost and now found and so can you be.

Do you gain faith in the midst of your trials?

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© 2018 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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