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Pakistani Theatre Has Lost Its Golden Traditions

Updated on March 25, 2015

Gone are those days when Pakistani stage theatre was qualitative, innovative, message oriented and purposeful. Theatre here in the country has been undergoing rapid decline. It has lost its ultimate flavor. Performing arts, especially theatres are the source of education for the people. Theatre brings people together, it depicts the problems in one’s society and motivates you to overcome the problems only if the work done in theatre is creative and purposeful. Theatre is important in building the culture. Many people go to theatres to relax for a while, get entertained and come back home with lessons learned and voices being heard in their heads.

On the contrary theatre here in Pakistan has lost its grip. Artists and script writers of Pakistani theatre are not working to educate or to showcase such topics which are misery for the society as a whole rather theatre has become a source of shameful entertainment. The plays which are performed in these theatres usually lack the quality of content. Vulgarity, cheap jokes humiliation of mothers and sisters is a common practice in our theatres these days. Such mode of entertainment has proved to be a no go area for the families and women especially.

The low class people in the country go to such theatres and pay high prices to get the tickets to watch the show. There are vulgar dances which are displayed on the stage, dancers performs unethical dancing steps which do not go with the moral and cultural values of Pakistan. These Pakistani theatres are now the hub of uneducated and illiterate people who go to witness vulgarity and nothing else. These commercial theatres are just using women bodies to make money . There are no well written and purposeful scripts. The type of language and the jokes which are used in theatre directly targets the moral values of Pakistani society. Abusing your co-performers in front of the whole crowd is no big ask.

Pakistanis possess great potential. If we are to revive our theatre there has to be significant measures which the government of Pakistan should take. Theatres as mentioned above play a vital role in shaping up the perceptions of a society. If we are to promote constructive and creative messages to our society, the content and quality has to improve otherwise negligence will further push the theatre in complete disarray.


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