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Pan Am: One Coin In the Fountain

Updated on October 23, 2011

Pan Am Stewardess Quiz

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Pan Am


Pan Am: One Coin in a Fountain

The exciting new ABC show Pan airs on Sunday Night at 10pm EST. It is set in the 1960(s) and touts the birth of the jet set and the sexual revolution. This show is both exciting, fast paced and intriguing. And that is only the Stewardess. I will give you a run down of each of the Stewardess so you get an idea of the show. There is no clear protagonist or antagonist but intrigue. As with all things international they are fun, exciting and it is often difficult to tell who the good guys are from the bad guys.

Maggie is a free spirited enlightened individual who refused to wear her girdle. But she is exceptional at her job and loves the international travel.

Colette is a French woman who is apart of the crew that is recently getting over a love affair with a married man but is far wiser for it.

Kate who is playing two hands one as a stewardess and the other as a non-official agent for the CIA is living a far more sophisticated life then she is really prepared for but her secrets are always a source of tension in the show.

And Laura is Kate’s sister and new and naive. She only wants to be a free spirit and enjoy the world as well. Her sister Kate is not so found of Laura’s free spiritedness so Laura moves in with Maggie.

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Maggie and Kate via for Nicco a Yugoslavian diplomat's attention. Kate has been sent to seduce Nicco for the purposes of gaining access to a VIP room in Monte Carlo where they can locate a Russian Spy, Lena Bracca. The back and forth between Maggia and Kate is quite humorous. Kate ultimately gets the date with Nicco at quite a price.

Laura and Ted are becoming quite close.

Mean while Dean is having an affair with a Pan Am executive's assistant. And he doesn't seem to understand he is putting his job in jeopardy.

Monte Carlo is a beautiful setting for this period piece. This show is always wonderful and thrilling to watch but it has managed to extend the characters more and make them more three dimensional as well as a little naughty. Now that is the Pan Am I remember. Professionals who worked hard and played hard. This show is perhaps the must see show of the season.


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