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Pan Am: Truth or Dare

Updated on November 6, 2011

Pan Am: Truth or Dare


Pan Am: Truth or Dare

With the birth of the jet set age came many wondrous things including women’s liberation and internationalism. Pan Am is the new hit ABC show which takes on the genesis of this modern age when flying and travel was luxurious. But it was not without a high price for those involved in the industry. They traveled and lived in other countries which at times could be a blessing and education while at other times was hard and lonely.

This show personifies that age well.

The Captain is Dean who is a very young Captain who has a perplexity for trouble when he sleeps with the an Airline executives mistress. He use to be romantically involved with a purser named Bridget who left. Bridget also use to be a spy and here where bouts are unknown. She recruited Kate.

Ted is a former naval test pilot who is the co-captain. He comes from a very wealthy family and he has a secret crush on Laura but is not willing to make any advances. He also is always good for bail when the stewardess need it.

Maggie is the new pursuer. She is a bit of a rebel and clearly took a lot of short cuts to get into Pan Am. Maggie lives in the village and has recently taken Laura into the fold to try and help liberator her. But Maggie is a rebel refusing to wear her girdle and is constantly in trouble with authority figures. Most recently she dodged a review board hearing by telling the airline executive Dean was having an affair with his mistress.

Kate is having an affair with an Yugoslavian diplomat who is also a communist and she is working for the agency. Her assignment is to turn him. Kate is also Laura’s older sister.

Laura is new to Pan Am after recently running away from her wedding. She has moved in with Maggie to enjoy her new found freedom.

Colette is a French woman who is recently recovering from an affair with a married man.

Because Kate works for the agency this particular crew gets sent to a lot of different countries.

This wondrous jet age ushered in luxury, international travel and internationalism in general. It can be seen every Sunday night on ABC at 10pmEST.


It looks like Laura will not be hooking up with Ted but embracing and interracial relationship in a time when it was considered quite taboo. But this era was filled with a lot of taboos including but not limited to women's liberation. Doscrimination was just as pain full in the 1960(s) as it is today.

Kate is trying to prevent her asset, Nicco, from returning to Yugoslavia. She is madly in love with him and doesn't want to lose him. She is entirely emotionally involved. Kate also realized how deeply she involved in the cold war effort when a sailor accuses her. The agency picks up Nicco. Nicco insists on Speaking to Kate before he will talk to anyone else.

There looks like Dean and Colette maybe deveoping a love interest. Dean allows Colette to fly the plane.

As always this show was really awesome. The flashbacks were a bit much. But the writing is superb and the acting is fantatsic. It is the must see TV this Fall.


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