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Pan Am: We Will Always Have Paris?

Updated on October 2, 2011

Pan Am


Pan Am; We Will Always Have Paris

The early leader for best adult drama this season is Pan Am which harkins all of us back to the decadent age of air tourism in which we flew the friendly skies in the lap of luxury. International travel was an adventure that was also luxurious and exciting. Americans were sophisticated, multi-lingual and lived on many continents.

This week Laura's and Kate's mother decide to make a surpirse trip to Paris on her daughter's route. Maggie has to fend off an over friendly aggressive air traveler and stabs him and Bridget's ex-finance, Dean, is searching for her. I am certain Kate will further her trade craft although I must state this is a little poetic license as I knew of no one in the Pan Am business in the spy business. Pan Am paid well enough and provide such an extraordinary international experience for everyone involved that it wasn't necessary to have a career in the clandestine services. It was hard enough for Pan Am employees to live the dual existences between one continent to another. Although the Pan Am family did it very well with our letting anyone see them sweat.

Although Pan Am was international and definitely did not preclude hiring talent from other countries. In most instances the crews were American. In the 1960(s) Americans had he language skills to compete in the friendly skies. The character Bridget in all probability would have worked for British Airways and competed with Pan Am employees.


This week has a bit of drama. Lara is confronted with her ex-fiance in Paris. Bridget makes contact with Kate. Dean has become close with Colette in order to find Bridget. And Maggie is just Maggie which is great!!

This show is humorous, entertaining and really exceptional. It was even sentimental this week

I am a bit lost in that the stewardess keep changing routes but again I attribute that to creative license.


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