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Panic at the Disco Short Films— A Horror Trilogy!

Updated on July 27, 2018
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Music videos have always been a place for directors to exercise their creativity. Mother of Movies is always on the hunt for the unusual.


Music and Short Films?

The latest song released by Panic at the Disco Say Amen (Saturday Night) 2018 is one of the most amazing examples of short films featured as a music video film clip I've seen in recent times. It's the prequel to two previous short films and I've got them all here for you to watch in order, so read on.

Maybe a music video anthology short film series has been done before but I've never seen it. If you have please leave me a comment because I'd love to see more examples of this.

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Say Amen (Saturday Night) 2018

Directed by Daniel Campos this video short film premiered March 2018.

Album: Pray for the Wicked.

Song: Pop | Rock

Video Short: Action | Horror

Starring: Chloe Holmes (True Blood 2013) and Brendon Urie (frontman for Panic At The Disco.)

Plot: Brendon finds his flat ascended upon by masked assassins. He holds the key to another world and has his own powers to attend to. When his date turns up as scheduled, is she happy to see him or does she have other plans?

How's the Short Film?

This film clip is a totally awesome mix of action and bloodshed. I've watched it a tonne of times and I'm still not sick of it. The song is even growing on me. Such a great video short. The lyrics intertwine with the mini-movie and the special effects are really cool.

Holy Moly, This is One Awesome Video Short Film!

This is Gospel 2013

Directed by Daniel Campos this video short film premiered August 2013.

Album: Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die.

Song: Pop | Rock

Video Short: Action | Thriller

Starring: Brendon Urie (frontman for Panic At The Disco.)

Plot: Brandon awakes to find himself in hospital. When sedation seemingly has no effect on him, the doctors use all means at their disposal to get rid of him. Unable to control him they bury him alive.

How's the Short Film?

Again with lyrics that enhance the video short, the two are totally connected but in different veins. The lyrics talk about killing the spirit through never letting go and the movie encapsulates Brendons' inability to escape his prison. This short film is fully focused on Brendan and used lighting and less is more imagery to tell the story. I like it a lot.

This is Gospel Video Short

The Emperor's New Clothes 2015

Directed by Daniel Campos this video short film premiered October 2015.

Album: Death of a Bachelor.

Song: Pop | Rock

Video Short: Action | Horror

Starring: Brendon Urie (frontman for Panic At The Disco.)

Plot: A direct continuation of the previous film, in Death Brandon finds himself in hell. He transforms into his true self and dominates his new world.

How's the Short Film?

Dark lighting and shadows feature heavily in this one. Just like the previous video short films in this series, the lyrics overlap with the story within the film. The Emporer's New Clothes title adds emphasis to the film as the original tale is about pride and vanity as is the movie and the lyrics.

A fitting end to the trilogy that was made before the current release of the prequel.

Emperor's New Clothes Video Short

Which music video short film is your favorite?

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