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Panic ensues as Netflix goes down, but I still love it!

Updated on June 20, 2011

A Netflix review by a technologically challenged ole foggey

The day dawned bright and beautiful in my little corner of the world this morning but not for subscribers of Netflix, who found themselves unable to access the popular site. From all reports the issue has been blamed on those enemies of all that is good and right in the universe, hackers. Loyal engineers saved the day though having the site up and running a little after noon.

I understand the anger and frustration of many of the people who felt the need to rant and cuss via Facebook and Twitter concerning the minor crisis, I have personally been known to spout a few choice words not appropriate for small children at times like these myself . But....

I really must say I love Netflix. It took me awhile to try it (quite awhile to be honest) and quite a bit of urging on the part of my computer wizard son but once I did I was absolutely hooked!

Being raised in the cable era, I barely took notice of the Netflix ads. I thought it's a nice idea but I can barely manage dropping videos off on my way to work everyday, do I really want to worry about putting them in an envelope and mailing them then waiting for new ones in the mail? The whole thing just seemed too complicated for an old woman like myself, besides I reasoned I was doing just fine with my cable and movie channels what more did I need? Well, that was before I visited my son and actually saw how Netflx and the streaming video worked. When I got home the first thing I did was unhook the cable box, pocket my $160 dollars a month and sign up for my trial membership.

I have never looked back. I love my netflix. Okay maybe love is too strong a word but I certainly like it a lot! For those of you who have never tried it and don't understand the entire streaming video concept. Netflix is more than a dvd rental company. Netflix offers streaming video this means that you get to choose from a menu of hundreds and hundreds of tv shows and movies to watch when you want to watch them. Surprisingly it is easy to hook up as well. All you need is a newer t.v., Xbox, Wii, Kinect, or a Roku box, anything that connects to the internet, if you are having difficulty with this ask your kids or grandchildren for help they'll know how. Then sign up for a subscription. There a variety of monthly subscription rates which run between $7.99 a month for unlimited streaming only to $27.99 for streaming and unlimited dvd's. The streaming feature is fantastic. How many times have you surfed through your expensive cable channels finding nothing you wanted to watch or how often have you wondered why on earth you are paying for channels with your local cable or dish company you never watch? Not only does Netflix have movies but it offers tv series, biographies, exercise shows and educational programming. In addition, they are available when you want to watch them. There are literally hundreds of shows to pick from. Another fantastic and unexpected bonus to Netflix over cable is it forces you to consciously choose what you watch. No more just watching what ever happens to be on, Netflix forces you to think about what you are watching. I don't just plop down on the sofa after a hard day determined just to surf the channels for a second before supper only to find myself three hours later watching some idiotic reality show marathon anymore. No, now I choose what I watch. I find I watch a better quality and variety of programs now. The only drawback is deciding what to watch at times. When this happens, I realize I really don't want to watch anything in particular and just shut the thing off. We watch must less television now then when we had cable. Now don't get me wrong we have not given up junk t.v. completely. I have spent entire weekends watching past seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer but that has it's advantages as well seeing as how I am never forced to sweat through a cliff hanger season finale. I am so pleased with the switch and even more pleased with the extra $150 a month in my pocket I saved by switching to Netflix. So, even though there is the occasional technological issue I for one will never go back to cable.

How do you watch t.v. in your home?

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