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Pantages Theater Tickets: How To Get Premium Tickets For The Book of Mormon!

Updated on August 20, 2012

Many of us love to go to the theatre to see great performances of our favourite plays, musicals and other theatre-style productions, to fulfil our entertainment needs. Whilst the entertainment provided from the performance itself can be thrilling in it's own way, an extra addition to the overall experience and enjoyment of the performance comes from your seating area.

Choosing where you sit when auditing a theatre performance can be both enhancing to the performance, and liberating to the people who've bought the theatre tickets, as you know that you're in a quality spot to view the performance.

Besides the viewing area you're in, it's highly important that you choose a performance that you are going to both enjoy, and be comfortable seeing with the people around you. Many people typically find themselves in comedy shows with their children, which contain content which they would not take pleasure in them viewing.

Such content as swearing, violence, pornography are usually clearly notified before you purchase your theatre tickets, however to save your child's ears from being attacked by adult content, it's important for you to double check if the content is suitable for all ages.

Although, if you are not in a situation where you have to consider the well-being of a child, the performance of 'The Book of Mormon' might just be a great performance for you and your friends to see.

The Book of Mormon Background.

The Book of Mormon is a new theatre performance by the creators of South Park 'Trey Parker' and 'Matt Stone'. As you can already expect (if you have seen some of the episodes from their popular comedy show "South Park"), the performance will include some heavy adult themes, which as mentioned before children of a young age should not be open to. Although, many respectable critics have already proclaimed that "The Book of Mormon" is one of the best productions created in over a decade, and has already received over 9 Tony Awards since its first performance.

So what is The Book of Mormon all about? It's based around two followers of the Mormon beliefs, who travel to Uganda to preach and try to spread the message of The Book of Mormon, but when they arrive they come across several unexpected obstacles, such as a group of notorious Ugandan warlords, they notice that their once optimistic plans of spreading their faiths might be more difficult than first thought.

This is an hilarious story which anyone with an open mind and good sense of humour is bound to enjoy!

Where Can You Get Tickets To A Live Performance?

As this production becomes increasingly more popular worldwide, it is being hosted in more theatres around the globe. However, one theatre in particular that you should be looking to seeing The Book of Mormon is the Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles, as they are one of the best venues out there, with a lot of history behind them hosting performances which audiences will remember for a lifetime!

Currently, The Book of Mormon isn't actually being performed there yet, but already pre-booked tickets are being sold on a great scale. That's why you need to look into purchasing your tickets now, so that you can be guaranteed a good viewing point of the performance, and one which suits your viewing needs. (Short sightedness)

A great place where you can purchase tickets to the showing of The Book of Mormon is, which will sell you premium tickets which are hard to obtain. Especially, when tickets become less and less available, to the point where they are completely sold out at the actual venue.

A Great Preview of The Book of Mormon Winning The Tony Awards.

I do not own the rights to The Book of Mormon or any of it's content. All credit for The Book of Mormon belongs to Trey Parker, Matt Stone and Robert Lopez, and any venue affiliate associated with them. The video above is a showing of an extract of The Book of Mormon which I in no way claim any credit for, and use their content within my article to aid them in gaining more attention to their production.


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