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Pantha du Prince

Updated on February 16, 2013

Black Noise

Winter is fast approaching. Dark clouds and cold winds are on the horizon. Snow is about to blanket our mountains and valleys. For me, nothing sets the stage for the cold, dark season like minimal electronic music. Shoegaze, chillout, minimal techno. Melancholy, ethereal dream music. Pantha du Prince's Black Noise is exactly this type of music. As the LP title suggests, Hendrick Weber (Pantha du Prince) utilizes dark techno beats mixed with minimal melodic chimes and swells to portray melancholic landscapes. The almost hypnotic feel sends one on a visual mindtrip through deep mountain snow drifts.

The Splendour is a driving song that builds intricately upon itself with rich electronic vibes.

The Splendour by Pantha du Prince

Stick to My Side is one of the few tracks with vocals, that are discernible at least. This track features Noah Lennox, or Panda Bear from Animal Collective.

Black Noise has already become one of my most listened to albums of 2010. As we pass the coming winter, I will be sure to keep this album in my playlist. Minimal techno is not for everyone, and can seem monotonous to some. One listen through this album will show you that monotonous is not the term to describe Weber's most recent work. Bliss is.

Be sure to catch Pantha du Prince touring with Blonde Redhead coming to a city near you.

Pantha du Prince


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