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Paper Towns: a Girl's Mistery and an Impossible Love - Film Review

Updated on August 23, 2016
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Paper Towns - Movie Poster
Paper Towns - Movie Poster

Paper Towns is a movie set in Florida and based on the homonymous John Green's novel. The protagonist, Quentin, is a boy in love with Margo, a girl who lives near him. One night Margo comes to Quentin's house by passing through the window and she invites him to go out for a revenge night: they go to their enemies' houses, making them victims of heavy jokes, and then they escape. The first victims are Jason, a Margo's ex boyfriend, who was unfaithful on her, and his new girlfriend, Rebecca.

The next day Quentin discovers Margo is not at home. In addition, she stopped going to school. Quentin, with the help of his friends, will start searching for her, also by following some clues left by Margo. Where did she went? Quentin will need to discover it, and finally he will find Margo: but the reason why she decided to escape is very complex, and you cannot guess it without reading the book or watching the movie. In order to avoid spoilers (I personally enjoyed watching the movie also because I was always on suspense), I don't write the place in which Margo goes, but you can discover it. You will like this movie, featuring a very beautiful love story between two teens. The only "clue" I am giving you is that the title "Paper Towns" is a key to discover why Margo decides to escape.

Margo & Quentin, in the first part of the movie, After they end their revenge night. they go to this building and stay together.
Margo & Quentin, in the first part of the movie, After they end their revenge night. they go to this building and stay together. | Source

Margo always loved mysteries. And in everything that came afterward, I could never stop thinking that maybe she loved mysteries so much that she became one.

— Quentin
The Fault In Our Stars - Movie Poster
The Fault In Our Stars - Movie Poster

A Comparison between "Paper Towns" & "The Fault In Our Stars"

Both "Paper Towns" & "The Fault In Our Stars" are two very popular John Green's novels and nextly considered for movie realization. The two novels gained a lot of success, especially among young people, and they share many common aspects (for example, they both have two teens in love as protagonists), but they also contain some little differences:

Common Aspects
Both novels talk about a love story between two guys
In a novel, cancer interferes with the love story, while in the other is a decision made by the girl to interfere with the love story
Both novels contain travels (to Amsterdam in The Fault In Our Stars; Margo's searching in Paper Towns)
In The Fault In Our Stars parents are more present than in Paper Towns
Both novels contain revenge moments (in The Fault In Our Stars, they are at the end, while in Paper Towns they are at the start)
Both novels share the love aspect, but they also contain two different elements: The Fault In Our Stars contains a dramatic aspect (cancer), while Paper Towns contains a mysterious aspect (Margo who suddenly disappears)
Both novels end with a change of life for one or two teens
In the two movies' soundtracks there are two songs by Grouplove: "Let Me In" in The Fault In Our Stars and "No Drama Queen" in Paper Towns
Quentin & Margo in a shop
Quentin & Margo in a shop | Source

Search Party

The movie's soundtrack features a song very related to the film's topic: Search Party. It talks about two guys who are escaping, while people are gonna search for them (even if only Margo disappears in Paper Towns)

My Rating

4 stars for Paper Towns

If you love teen comedies and mystery's stories, I strongly suggest you to watch Paper Towns. At the same time, you should watch it if you have already seen The Fault In Our Stars, as they are both based on John Green's novels and they share a lot of common elements. If you love adventure, you may also like both movies, as they contain travels (especially Paper Town is very adventurous, as Quentin goes in search of Margo along with his friends). I only give four stars because I think the movie ends too early, as Quentin leaves Margo and he apparently is not going to join her another time. Having said this, I strongly hope there will be a sequel for this beautiful novel, with related movie.

And you, which is your favorite novel/movie between Paper Towns & The Fault In Our Stars?

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