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Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension

Updated on December 2, 2015
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Steven Escareno is an amateur film critic that writes about movies in his spare time.

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension

Director: Gregory Plotkin

Writers: Jason Pagan, Andrew Deutschman, Adam Robitel, Gavin Heffernan, Brantley Aufill, Oren Peli

Cast: Chris J. Murray, Brit Shaw, Ivy George, Dan Gill, Olivia Taylor Dudley, Chloe Csengery, Jessica Tyler Brown, Don McManus, Michael Krawic, Hallie Foote, Aiden Lovekamp, Cara Pifko, Mark Steger, Rebecca Larsen

Synopsis: Using a special camera that can see spirits, a family must protect their daughter from an evil entity with a sinister plan.

MPAA Rating: Rated R for language and some horror violence

Stevennix2001's Rating and Review Summary if you want to skip the actual review

1 / 10


- Ties up every loose end to the franchise, while leaving behind a few lingering questions that leave things open for another sequel.....


- The story itself is a blatant rip off of both "Paranormal Activity 3 and 4"

- The CGI used to show us what the demon looks like this time is a complete joke, and it makes the film come off as a cheaply made home film versus having that realistic feel that the first two movies had.

- Apart from a few jump scares, the movie isn't that scary.

- The characters are bland and uninteresting.

- Acting was fairly mediocre

I'm done

If anyone remembers my previous reviews of this franchise, I said the first two films were arguably some of the scariest horror stories that I've ever seen. And it wasn't so much what was shown throughout those films, but it was what you didn't see coming in those stories that made you all the more terrified, as it made your imagination wander. In fact, one could argue that the mystery behind the paranormal entities themselves made it all the more scarier to comprehend because it's been often said that humanity often fears what it doesn't understand.

Fast forward to today, and "Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension" is a sequel that not only promises to address every question about the franchise, but it also promises to show us more of the ghosts as well.

Unlike the previous films that relied on traditional handheld cameras and whatnot, this one features our protagonists using a special paranormal camera that's designed to pick up on evil entities; hence you can see what Toby (the demon from the previous films) actually looks like this time. I'm not kidding either. You literally see what he looks like this time. And honestly, I'm not impressed by it.

First of all, I was not able to see this film in 3-D, when it came out. However, the cinematography and blatantly obvious CGI make what used to be a gripping suspense horror franchise into a freaking joke.

In the first two movies, the cinematography was set up perfectly. It had an authentic home video quality, and it never showed you too much. This not only helped make he film scarier, but it made it feel all the more realistic. This latest sequel shows you everything, along with using CGI to show you what the demon looks like, and it feels obliviously fake. Seriously, "Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension" is a wasted sequel that never should've seen the light of day.

And to make matters worse, it's a blatant rip off of it's prequels as well. If you honestly forget for a moment that these films are connected, you'll realize it's basically the same damn story being recycled over and over again. You have a nonchalant family that has a child, who ends up with an imaginary friend named Toby; similar to what we saw in "Paranormal Activity 4 and 3. And like those previous two films, the imaginary friend turns out to be demon coming to possess the family's youngest child, while trying to kill off the rest of them. It's same damn story that you saw in those films, but the only difference is that we get to see Toby do it in fabulous CGI glory. Oh my freaking god.

Granted, I know the CGI was probably implemented there to up the ante for the franchise, by trying to make it more palatable. But in reality, all that CGI does is make what used to be eerily realistic found footage horror franchise into what now looks like a cheaply made home made movie.

Not to mention the fact that none of the characters themselves are remotely interesting. Hell, they don't even try to explain why the damn husband and his friend start off the film recording everything, even before they find the damn special camera. Nope, they're just doing it because they just can.

Although to be fair, the film does answer a lot of questions, and it definitely brings the franchise full circle. However, the payoff is kind of underwhelming because it plays out exactly how some of the previous movies did, and it raises more questions than it answers; particularly regarding Toby himself. I won't delve into any spoilers, but I will say that this film does try to tie itself heavily into Christianity, as you can pretty much draw your own conclusions from there.

Apart from a few jump scares, this film isn't scary at all. Unlike the first two movies that played with your mind a bit before introducing the jump scares, this one doesn't even try. No suspense. No buildup. All the jump scares are broadcast from a mile away, which makes the film a bit boring.

Unless you're just a die hard fan of this franchise that's seeking closure to some of the plot holes of the previous movies, then I'd avoid this one completely.

© 2015 Steven Escareno


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