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Updated on August 30, 2020
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I work at home as a freelance writer. I enjoy reading, writing, and television.

The Braverman family tree

The Braverman Family Tree
The Braverman Family Tree
The cast of Parenthood
The cast of Parenthood

A bit about Parenthood, the TV series

On March 2, 2010 NBC premiered a show titled "Parenthood". One of the lead roles is that of Sarah, played by Lauren Graham. She also played Lorelai Gilmore in Gilmore Girls, and she is the reason I started watching it. The role was originally meant for Maura Tierney, but she was diagnosed with breast cancer and could no longer continue the role. At first I wasn't sure if I liked it, but soon I was hooked. It covers serious issues, adding a bit of humor to it. If you're a parent, a teenager, or a little younger, you'll enjoy the show. There's a little something for everyone.

~Parenthood lasted for six seasons!~

If you haven't watched and want to check it out... Hulu has all six seasons available. That may change, however, once NBC starts its own Peacock app. Binge while you can!

Parenthood trailer

The Braverman family around the dinner table
The Braverman family around the dinner table

Parenthood cast list


Zeek Braverman - played by Craig T. Nelson
Camille Braverman - played by Bonnie Bedelia
Adam Braverman - played by Peter Krause
Sarah Braverman - played by Lauren Graham
Julia Braverman-Graham - played by Erika Christensen
Crosby Braverman - played by Dax Shepard
Kristina Braverman - played by Monica Potter
Joel Graham - played by Sam Jaegar
Jasmine Trussell - played by Joy Bryant
Seth Holt - played by John Corbett
Haddie Braverman - played by Sarah Ramos
Amber Holt - played by Mae Whitman
Drew Holt - played by Miles Heizer
Max Braverman - played by Max Burkholder
Jabbar Trussell - played by Tyree Brown
Sydney Graham - played by Savannah Paige Rae
Nora Braverman - played by Ali and Susanne Hartman (Adam and Kristina's youngest daughter)
Victor Graham - played by Xolo Mariduena (Joel and Julia's adoptive son)
Aida Braverman - (Crosby and Jasmine's new baby)

The grandparents

Camille and Zeek
Camille and Zeek

Zeek (Father/Grandfather) and Camille (Mother/Grandmother)

Their children are Adam, Sarah, Julia, and Crosby.

These two were the patriarch and matriarch of the family. Nothing would have been started without them. They raised their 4 children and each of their children then went on to have their own families to raise. All 4 kids still frequently visit their parents and their kids get to have fun with grandpa and grandma.

~You may have most recently seen Craig T. Nelson in Young Sheldon.

Bonnie Bedelia may have been spotted in Designated Survivor.~

Adam's family

Kristina, Adam, Nora, Max, and Haddie.
Kristina, Adam, Nora, Max, and Haddie.

Adam (Father)
Kristina (Mother)
Haddie (Daughter)
Max (Son)
Nora (Newborn Daughter)

Adam is the oldest son. He acts as a parent sometimes to his siblings. He's usually more responsible and reliable. His life gets a bit challenging, however, once he has to learn how to adapt to a big change -- learning his son has Asperger syndrome. He needs to focus more on his whole family and less on his siblings' problems, but that proves hard for him.

~You can watch Peter Krause on 9-1-1. Monica Potter most recently appeared in the TV show, Goliath. You might have seen Sarah Ramos in Midnight, Texas. Max Burkholder appeared in the movie Benjamin.~

Sarah's family

Amber, Sarah, and Drew
Amber, Sarah, and Drew

Sarah (Mother)
Amber (Daughter)
Drew (Son)

Sarah isn't the closest with the rest of her family. But after she falls on hard times her and her kids have to move in with her parents. She eventually gets close with everyone again. Her daughter Amber develops a special bond with her dad, even naming her baby after him at the end of the series.

~This whole group has had great success following the show. Lauren Graham can most recently be seen in Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist. She's also getting ready to star in a TV series that reboots the Mighty Duck franchise for Disney+. Perhaps you've seen Mae Whitman's show, Good Girls. It airs on NBC but Netflix cut a deal for the rights to air it on their streaming service. Miles Heizer's show 13 Reasons Why is on Netflix as well.~

Graham, Whitman, and Heizer in their newest roles
Graham, Whitman, and Heizer in their newest roles

Julia's family

Victor, Julia, Joel, and Sydney
Victor, Julia, Joel, and Sydney

Julia (Mother)
Joel (Father)
Sydney (Daughter)
Victor (Son)

Julia is responsible like Adam, but she isn't as uptight as he is. She has a loving husband and daughter, but soon realizes she wants more. She ends up opting for adoption, which proves tougher than she thought when they have a nearly teenage boy move in.

~You may have watched Erika Christensen on Ten Days in the Valley. Sam Jaegar can be seen on The Handmaid's Tale on Hulu. Savannah Paige Rae appeared on an episode of Grey's Anatomy. You can see Xolo Marideuna on Cobra Kai.~

Crosby's family

Jasmine, Crosby, and Jabar
Jasmine, Crosby, and Jabar

Crosby (Father)
Jasmine (Mother)
Jabbar (Son)
Aida (Daughter) [Not pictured]

Crosby is the fun-loving, no responsibilities sibling. That is, until he finds out he has a son. He has to try and make some life changes and become more responsible to prove to his son's mother he can be a parent.

~You probably watched Dax Shepard on The Ranch or Bless This Mess. You may have noticed Joy Bryant in Ballers. Tyree Brown appeared in an episode of Black-ish.~

Are You Hooked To "Parenthood"?

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