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Updated on April 18, 2014
The Braverman Family Tree
The Braverman Family Tree
The cast of Parenthood
The cast of Parenthood

On March 2, 2010 NBC premiered a show titled "Parenthood". One of the lead roles is that of Sarah, played by Lauren Graham. She also played Lorelai Gilmore in Gilmore Girls, and she is the reason I started watching it. The role was originally for Maura Tierney, but she was diagnosed with breast cancer and could no longer continue the roll. At first I wasn't sure if I liked it, but soon I was hooked. It covers serious issues, adding a bit of humor to it. If you're a parent, a teenager, or a little younger, you'll enjoy the show. There's a little something for everyone.

~Parenthood recently finished it's fifth season!~

The "Braverman" Family sitting down for dinner together.
The "Braverman" Family sitting down for dinner together.


Zeek Braverman -Craig T. Nelson
Camille Braverman - Bonnie Bedelia
Adam Braverman - Peter Krause
Sarah Braverman - Lauren Graham
Julia Braverman-Graham - Erika Christensen
Crosby Braverman - Dax Shepard
Kristina Braverman - Monica Potter
Joel Graham - Sam Jaegar
Jasmine Trussell - Joy Bryant
Seth Holt - John Corbett
Haddie Braverman - Sarah Ramos
Amber Holt - Mae Whitman
Drew Holt - Miles Heizer
Max Braverman - Max Burkholder
Jabbar Trussell - Tyree Brown
Sydney Graham - Savannah Paige Rae
Nora Braverman - Ali and Susanne Hartman (Adam and Kristina's youngest daughter)
Victor Graham - Xolo Mariduena (Joel and Julia's adoptive son)
Aida Braverman - (Crosby and Jasmine's new baby)

Camille and Zeek
Camille and Zeek

Zeek (Father/Grandfather) and Camille (Mother/Grandmother)

Their children are Adam, Sarah, Julia, and Crosby.

Kristina, Adam, Nora, Max, and Haddie.
Kristina, Adam, Nora, Max, and Haddie.

Adam (Father)
Kristina (Mother)
Haddie (Daughter)
Max (Son)
Nora (Newborn Daughter)

Amber, Sarah, and Drew
Amber, Sarah, and Drew

Sarah (Mother)
Amber (Daughter)
Drew (Son)

Victor, Julia, Joel, and Sydney
Victor, Julia, Joel, and Sydney

Julia (Mother)
Joel (Father)
Sydney (Daughter)
Victor (Son)

Jasmine, Crosby, and Jabar
Jasmine, Crosby, and Jabar

Crosby (Father)
Jasmine (Mother)
Jabbar (Son)
Aida (Daughter) [Not pictured]

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    • meow48 profile image

      meow48 6 years ago from usa

      ron howard directed a movie called "Parenthood." Best thing to watch ever. it gave me hope being a single mom. and my kids gained a little understanding about mom. i can't wait to watch this, thank you for sharing.