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Paris Hilton-Once Again Arrested

Updated on December 3, 2012

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton has once again been arrested, this time for possession of cocaine in Las Vegas. Her vehicle was stopped after a police officer allegedly saw smoke from the windows of the vehicle. After the car was stopped, and the police interviewed her, she admitted she had cocaine in her purse.

Earlier this week, allegedly, she was detained when her personal jet was searched at an airport in Europe, and marijuana was found.

A previous incident recently occurred at the World Cup in South Africa, when she was detained after she was found to be carrying marijuana. Her assistant claimed the grass was hers, and was ejected from the country. Ms Hilton was allowed to stay.

The young Hilton Hotel heiress cannot seem to go very long before some new scandal or incident has her in the news again. Some of these things seem to be publicity stunt, but I have a feeling these drug charges will be nothing more than another sad chapter in her life.

I don't understand why it is when someone has everything in life going for them that they turn to drugs.

Paris Hilton Arrest Update

Paris has had a couple of amazing explanations for the cocaine in her purse.

The first was, she thought the baggie of cocaine was chewing gum. While I am not familiar with cocaine myself, I am pretty sure it doesn't resemble chewing gum.

Secondly, she says the purse was not hers, that she was borrowing a friend's purse the night in question. I wonder if now that "friend" will be the one who takes the fall for the cocaine?


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