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Paris Hilton bikini styles – Pick up the fashion tips from a style icon

Updated on February 29, 2012
Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton Bikini Tips. Let's take fashion advice about bikinis and other sexy beach wear from Paris Hilton.

With nothing to do on a lazy Thursday afternoon, I said to myself "What better than reading up on some latest gossip about Paris Hilton?" With Google by my side, I was armed with a strong cup of coffee and ready to sniff out all the latest on our heiress. While going through some of her recent pictures, a thought struck me like a bomb. Paris Hilton has a great body. So what? All women have beautiful bodies in our own right, don't we? So what makes her one of the most searched celebrities on the internet? Let's find out.

Reason #1 Paris Hilton has had a few wardrobe malfunctions. But hey, many, many other celebrities have had those moments too. Okay, so that's one reason ruled out.

A still image from 1 Night in Paris, Paris Hilton's sex tape
A still image from 1 Night in Paris, Paris Hilton's sex tape

Reason #2 Paris Hilton has a sex tape. Again I tapped myself on the head with the back of my pen. Many other celebrities have sex tapes too!

Reason #3 Paris Hilton goes topless every now and then. Again I hit a roadblock because there are lots of other better endowed female celebrities who like to take their tops off every now and then.

Reason #4 Paris Hilton has a lot of money. I was getting frustrated now because I could hear my alter ego shouting at me 'There are hundreds of spoilt, rich and famous people out there. Why Paris?'

"Paris Hilton is a style diva" That's the bottom line. She may not be the richest nor the most talented, but boy, she has a terrific sense of fashion and style.

Here's a shortlist of some of Paris Hilton's hottest bikini pictures which explain why this hotel heiress is a true style icon.

Paris Hilton in a golden bikini – Recent pictures

Okay I know I'm treading in murky waters here but I want you all to ignore the sleaze and take tips from the style diva herself. What surprises me is how Paris Hilton can subtly accessorize even her near-naked look with some great, and I mean really great accessories.

How I wish that Paris had kept her top on for these pictures to show the true glory of this sensual look. Can you even imagine how much thought would have gone into matching the right accessory, the right color and visualizing the overall appeal? If this doesn't give a woman a 'diva' status, nothing will.

Check out Paris' headwear and the big sunglasses
Check out Paris' headwear and the big sunglasses
Royal jewelry while wearing a bikini? Paris Hilton says yes, in style. Check out the large golden bracelet.
Royal jewelry while wearing a bikini? Paris Hilton says yes, in style. Check out the large golden bracelet.
Paris' double-finger ring
Paris' double-finger ring

Paris dons a very sexy shimmery headband for this look. I think it could not have been a better choice.

Golden-Brown sunglasses with golden elements in the frame. I think that this eyepiece gives the finishing touch to Paris' sun-kissed face.

Continuing with the golden theme, Paris wears an exquisite golden bracelet. It looks very royal and very elegant.

As if the massive golden bracelet wasn't enough, the jewelry package is made complete with a stunning gold two-finger ring on the right hand and a massive ring on the left, which looks like a white pearl on a golden ring. Even for people who can afford this type of bling, it takes some serious fashion sense to be able to pair the right ring with the right bracelet and carry it off like Paris does.

I can see a crisp golden bikini bottom on top of which is wrapped a beautiful brown sarong. For me, this was the icing on the cake. Very, very stylish!

Paris Hilton in blue bikini and brown sarong
Paris Hilton in blue bikini and brown sarong

Paris Hilton in Blue Bikini and Brown Sarong

Here is a classic example of how a woman can look sizzling in a bikini even if she is not the 'busty types'. What makes this one stand out is a super exciting pairing of accessories. Let's start with those white-framed sunglasses. I couldn't think of a much better look with those glasses. The pretty blue neck piece is a perfect complement to the blue bikini. And what makes this amazing combination a sure winner is the brown sarong that is delicately wrapped around her waist. My alter ego says 'say no more, get me Paris Hilton's stylist!'

White crochet bikini - Paris Hilton Style
White crochet bikini - Paris Hilton Style

Paris Hilton in white crochet bikini

Is this simple yet elegant white crochet bikini a stunner or what? Again, taking it from the top, we see Paris in her beautiful long blonde locks, no-nonsense makeup, a very thin neck piece and no other accessory. I can spot a near-nude lip color, but that's it. I think what makes this bikini very special is that it gives Paris a look that is a lot toned down than her usual bubbly appeal. Sensual is the word I am looking for. This bikini makes Paris look super sensual, rather than super sexy, which is a welcome change.

A visibly bubbly Paris in a striped blue and white bikini
A visibly bubbly Paris in a striped blue and white bikini

Paris Hilton in a blue and white striped bikini

It is pictures like these that Paris Hilton gives men (and women) week knees. She has taken this super cute blue and white striped bikini to another level with her bubbly smile, a classic fringe hair-do, larger than life sunglasses, a suave watch and a cute belly piercing. For me, this picture shouts youth, a carefree attitude, a well toned body, and a drop-dead-gorgeous style statement that leave many mouths gaping.

Paris Hilton ups the style quotient with this hot monokini
Paris Hilton ups the style quotient with this hot monokini

Paris Hilton in a monokini

Who better to bring old fashion back into vogue? None other than Miss Fashion Diva Paris Hilton. Remember those monokinis from the old Bond movies? Of course we do, don't we ladies and gentlemen? Weren't we always of the thought that buxom women would be able to carry of a monokini much better than their skinny counterparts? Paris proves us wrong here by looking uber-hot in this black monokini. What makes this monokini stand out are the multi-colored stars all over it. Looking really star-studded here, Paris!

Looking like a model straight out of a calender shoot, Paris Hilton looks stunning in this silver bikini
Looking like a model straight out of a calender shoot, Paris Hilton looks stunning in this silver bikini

Paris Hilton in silver bikini

This one shouts sex appeal, there are no two ways about it. It's a pity I couldn't find a better picture because the cell phone ruins the overall look, but hey, forget the phone and let's focus on the bikini. Paris sports a super sexy silver bikini with criss-cross straps, a black sarong with a great white pattern, a silver clutch, a silver bracelet, and a bling-bling pair of sunglasses. Is it just me or is this bikini too flashy? Flashy or not, this one is a bold style statement and Paris is one of the few Hollywood beauties who I think can carry off soo much silver colored apparel with style.

A sex tape, a failed attempt at a singing career, an autobiography which was labelled as 'amateurish' by many writers, a stint in jail, burglaries and many other legal issues. Paris Hilton has done it all. That's none of our business. But what is, our business and what we know is that Paris Hilton has bounced back every time with a fashionable bikini.


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      6 years ago


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      6 years ago

      I want to star Paris Hilton Lindsay Lohan I write a poem my love The heart of love You, oh, Oh Bandar of the death of a long to be with me I should be together with you, and that is mismatch .. That we will be in one house and no Hanna has one planet this separation is that I look you in your body and I look for your voice inside words of yours and your eye look in your eyes and you pulse in your hand and become a heart of the votes, and you are not to notice that this is mismatch .. That wander in your world panicked that I stand before barriers Block of access to you this is the disagreement that are not hear me and see, there is no Trani

    • arunii profile image


      7 years ago from Delhi

      Paris look just average in bikini suits


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