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Paris Jackson

Updated on August 13, 2009

About Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson is the daughter of pop icon Michael Jackson. She was born on April 3, 1998 and was cherished as part of the Jackson family. Proceeding singer Michael Jackson's death, she emerged as a great speaker and really had a lot to say about her father. As an 11 year old, she was able to reflect on the great times that she had with her father, and was able to understand that she needed to move on without Michael.

She is a natural leader and was able to make millions upon millions of people cry when she gave her emotionally-packed speach at Michael's funeral.  She recalled all of the great times that she had with Michael and how phenomenal he was as both a role model and a father.  As any child would say, Paris was able to tell the people how much she loved him.  She said, "I just want to say I love him so much" during her speech.

Paris Jackson

A Little Background on Paris Jackson

As was mentioned, Paris Jackson was born in 1998 on April 3rd and is currently 11 years old. She lives with her grandmother Katherine (Michael's mother) and has nothing but fond memories of her father.  She has gotten a lot of attention from the mainstream media (which is expected after the death of Michael Jackson).  However, a lot of attention that she has gotten is stemming from a man named Mark Lester, who has claimed that she is his actual daughter.

Although Paris Jackson was raised as a very sheltered child (i.e. didn't get out much), it was for good reasons.  She was happy with the way that Michael raised her, despite his overwhelming celebrity status.  Paris has dealt with the death of her dad in a very mature way for her age, and is currently trying to lead a normal life without having to deal with the tons of negative media attention that has put her life in the spotlight.

Mark Lester

Mark Lester and Paris Jackson

Do You Think Paris Jackson Is Mark Lester's Biological Daughter

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Is Mark Lester Paris Jackson's Father?

There is a lot of speculation regarding Mark Lester who publicly announced that he thinks he is Paris Jackson's biological father.  When he made an announcement, his claim was immediately frowned upon and actually attacked by Katherine (Jackson's mom), who is caring for not only Paris, but Prince Michael II (also known as Blanket) and "Prince."  There are a lot of media disputes as to whether or not his claim is true.

The lawyer for the Jackson family, named London McMillan told everybody what he thought about Mark Lester by saying that he was just trying to get himself some quick fame.  It is apparent that he is not only getting the fame, but tons of people are actually thinking that Paris is his daughter.  The point is, though, that even if she is his biological daugther, that doesn't mean he should try to claim her after all of the tragedy.  It is absolutely the wrong thing to do because it put Paris Jackson in an extremely uncomfortable position.

The Paris Jackson Secret & Mark Lester Allegations

Mark Lester says that he kept a secret about Paris being his biological creation between him and Michael Jackson since 1996. Allegedly, he was approached and asked by Michael if he would be willing to donate sperm so that Michael could raise a child. Lester claims that his family and the Jackson family were very good friends and he felt that helping Michael out with a free donation would be fine.

Now, though, there has been a lot of problems that started because Mark Lester wants everyone to know about Paris being a biological creation of him. It seems pretty obvious that Paris may in fact be the daughter of Mark Lester because the Jackson family is unwilling to conduct a DNA test.  Besides, what on Earth would make Paris want to agree to get her DNA tested?

Harriet Lester and Paris Jackson

Harriet Lester has also been compared to Paris Jackson by Mark.  He claims that if you look at both of them, you will be able to find a lot of shared features.  Mark really seems to want Paris Jackson to become "Paris Lester," which is why he keeps telling the media that he wants to get in contact and provide support for his actual daughter.  There is a ton of debate as to whether or not he is telling the truth.

All in all, if the people actually care for Paris Jackson, she will be provided with the best support possible, regardless of who the parent is.  If she is happy with her siblings and living with Katherine, there is no reason for her to get invovled with Mr. Lester or be compared to Harreit for that matter.  A lot of people are emotionally stirred by this whole issue, which was triggered by the outspoken Lester.  With that said, if you are a person that actually cares about Paris Jackson, you can always include her in your thoughts and prayers.

Paris Jackson's Birthday 2007

Michael Jackson Music


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    • profile image

      christina-marie 7 years ago

      i think that everyone should just leave these children alone! let them live normal lives without all the media attention, and rediculous lies about they are not michaels children.he raised them and cared for them as his own. that makes him their true father.

    • profile image 7 years ago

      Paris is not daughter of Mark Lester Mark Lester is a cheep stakes lier

    • profile image

      roxanne 5 years ago

      hi there im very sad now that michael jackson died. im very sad that paris lost her dad.

    • profile image

      roxanne 5 years ago

      i miss michael jackson he is the king of pop. i also love paris prince blanket there getting very big now.

    • profile image

      roxanne grimm@harrisson medical 5 years ago

      i want paris jackson to call me because i talk to her before. i want her email number but its hard to find it.

    • profile image

      roxanne 5 years ago

      hello is someone going to email me someday.

    • profile image

      christina marie 5 years ago

      hi christina marie i just watch paris jackson and blanket and prince. how come we have to leave them alone. from roxanne

    • profile image

      Parra Etta 5 years ago


    • profile image

      roxanne 5 years ago

      i love paris jackson she is growing so fast. but i dont know if some people likes michael jackson

    • profile image

      Yin May Oo 5 years ago

      I like paris jackson but it is not really impossiable about that daughter

    • profile image

      roxanne 5 years ago

      if someone likes blanket jackson please email me. roxanne grimm@harrisson medical

    • profile image

      roxanna 4 years ago

      who likes prince jackson please comment.

    • profile image

      roxanne 4 years ago

      does anyone like blanket jackson he looks like his dad. maybe he will dance like his dad. i want blanket jackson to sing.

    • profile image

      Roxanne 4 years ago

      Hi this is me Roxanne I just want to know were blanket and Paris at.

    • profile image

      dayday12 2 years ago

      people just let the kids live their lives without the media

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