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Paris Hilton Exposed

Updated on September 15, 2013
[Like she isn't too exposed already, but....] Will we ever get tired of Paris Hilton? I guess not.. A new Web site called is offering new sex tapes, nude photos and personal diaries of The Simple Life star Paris Hilton. You can access videos, photos, and personal effects of the Paris Hilton and her classy friends FOR FREE.

In 2005, Paris Hilton failed to make several $208 payments on a storage facility that was subsequently seized. The sex tapes, nude photos and personal letters eventually found its way into the hands of Bardia Persa, who launched

According to the Associated Press, "The items were sold to an unidentified buyer after a third party failed to make payments to the facility, and eventually wound up in the hands of a broker aiming to sell them..."

Hilton hasn't unleashed the lawyers - yet reports PEOPLE.

Hilton is "incredibly upset and angry" and feels "victimized" by the blatant invasion of her privacy, according to her spokesman, Eliot Mintz. "We are going to explore all of our legal options about this matter," said Mintz. "She is enormously upset."

Among the random items:

* Prescription bottles for Hydrocodone, a painkiller similar to OxyContin used to manage anxiety disorders, post-party sleep aid Ambien and the herpes medication Valtrex.

* A medical bill from a Los Angeles clinic, billing an "Amber Taylor" - with the same birth date as Paris - for a miscarriage in March 2003.

* A journal analyzing her booze-fueled dreams.

* Her reality TV co-star Nicole Richie's University of Arizona ID card.

* Sister Nicky's Nevada marriage certificate.

* Several bank statements, including one with an ending monthly balance of just $9.26.

* Home videos she shot of visits with her sick grandmother.

* To-do lists that include an assortment of errands, including a reminder to buy Christmas gifts.

Paris Hilton and Jason Shaw
Paris Hilton and Jason Shaw
Among the hours of video footage on the site is a series of short tapes of a naked Hilton being filmed by Joe Francis, the "Girls Gone Wild" creator, and her former fiancé, Jason Shaw.

Francis tapes the dazed and confused heirhead - first taking off her red bikini top on a yacht in St. Tropez, then later swooshing around in a bubble bath while he begs her to show him her body.

Another video shows Hilton lying in bed with Shaw, a chiseled Tommy Hilfiger model. She's seen giggling, kissing him and playing with his hair.

Other videos are taped using night vision: she gets drunk and dances on banquettes with Tara Reid, and tapes a shirtless fat guy doing cocaine lines off his own belly.

Paris' other controversial moments


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