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Park Bo-gum in Youth Over Flowers

Updated on May 24, 2017

How It Began

What else could be more thrilling than being kidnapped to join a reality TV trip to Africa? Na PD was the mastermind of a genius scheme to the boy casts of Reply 1988 for his own show. What was known as a reward trip to Phuket turned out to be a 10-day trip to Africa. Joon-yeol, Ahn Jae-hong and Go Kyung-pyo were gathered in a restaurant when Na PD silently walked into the cafe to break the news. Park Bo-gum who had to attend his live show in Music Bank as an MC, was the last to find out that Reply 1988 production and Youth Over Flowers have conspired to take them to Africa. His co-actors had turned as accomplices for the kidnapping that would take place.

Park Bo-gum received a call from the 3 guys instructing him to pull over for the car that is tailing him. Being known as an obedient person, he obeyed them and got out of the car to meet his kidnappers. This was a hilarious scene as Park Bo-gum was still polite with bewilderment all over his face, apologizing for his small car because he was worried that the crew wouldn't fit. He even offered them beverages! Who in the world would be so kind when you're being kidnapped? That's our naive but genuinely kind Park Bo-gum.

Lowlights and Highlights

On Park Bo-gum's participation in Infinite Challenge and 2 Days & 1 Night, everyone was impressed by his superb performance. There is a big reason why he did more than what was expected of him. His shortcomings in Youth Over Flowers had completely given him determination to excel.

Youth Over Flowers was his first appearance on a reality TV show and it was a complete mess. While there were 4 of them, he was the baby of the group and he inadvertently caused inconvenience to the show and his Reply 1988 brothers though everyone still loved him for being so kindhearted and overly polite. Who would ever hate Park Bo-gum?

The first day of Youth Over Flowers was in shambles as Park Bo-gum didn't have a sense of time, whiling away when he was at the airport in Johannesburg to buy from gift shops and even took quite some time to eat his pasta for dinner. Since the show was indeed a reality TV where the production and staff just recorded everything without intervening on what the guests should be doing, not even one staff reminded him of his flight time. As an end result, he totally missed his flight and got stuck in the airport with a small crew. Bo-gum was very apologetic to the crew, saying he couldn't believe that he misread the gate number and missed the flight. Kyung-pyo and the rest of the guys were surprised when they talked to Bo-gum over the phone but they were still supportive of him, telling him that it was okay. Kyung-pyo was even like a mommy for treating him like a baby, saying that he should just stay in the hotel for the night and make sure that he doesn't go out because it might be dangerous to stay outdoors. He event sent Bo-gum a really long detailed text, who was adorably anxious about the situation and the rest of the guys were worried about him as well. I think Bo-gum has very much adopted his naive character in Reply 1988 and so did the guys who cared for him just like they did on the drama show!

Missing the flight wasn't just Park Bo-gum's big flaw on the show. He also got in trouble for his lack of driving skills. On one episode, the guys already had their own turns in driving and Bo-gum somehow felt guilty for sleeping at the backseat. He apologized for sleeping too much and promised Kyung-pyo, the designated driver during that time, that he will take the wheel on their next destination.

Supposedly, it was Jae-hong's turn to drive but then Bo-gum wanted to relieve him since he looked too tired. Despite Jae-hong's nervousness in letting Bo-gum drive, he gave him the wheel but coached him through every move as if it was his first time driving. Bo-gum had only been driving for 3 minutes when he went pass a "stop" sign and was instantly pulled over by a cop as the car ran right in front of him. What a bummer! The usual overly polite Bo-gum told the officer that it was his fault then he was escorted to their office. His brother were too worried as Bo-gum was being questioned by the cops but since they were running out of time for their room accommodation, they left him behind to deal with the hotel first and check in with their lodgings. Bo-gum arrived at the hotel room like a helpless baby as the 3 guys hugged him. Jae-hong was even feeling too guilty because he should've been the one driving. Everyone was sorry for what happened but Bo-gum kept on insisting that he was the only one at fault.

To overcome Park Bo-gum's trauma in driving, he took the wheel again though he looked really nervous but Joon-yeol wanted to help him get over his fear from the incident the previous night. As Bo-gum started singing a song, probably to lessen his agitated feeling, it had only been 3 seconds and he reversed right on the side of a wall! Everyone went out to check for the damage while Bo-gum couldn't believe that he caused another accident. The tail light on the right side of the car was totally busted. This time, Bo-gum looked as if he was really about to cry. He then uttered, "I don't think I'm meant to drive." Despite Bo-gum's shortcoming when it comes to driving, the guys were like his mommy telling him it was fine and Joon-yeol even mentioned that the most important thing is that nobody got hurt and the car company probably has insurance to cover the damage.

Park Bo-gum's drawbacks on the show was really an eye-opener for him. He felt useless and guilty for all the inconvenience he put everyone through while he hadn't noticed that his being a clean-freak was highly appreciated by his brothers and the crew because he was the only one cleaning up every time they were done with their dinner, even folding and organizing some things in the room and helping out whenever he can. He was also as dauntless and manly as Jun-yeol because unlike Kyung-pyo and Jae-hong, they used all the time that they could in exploring the rides and thrilling activities that they could. The most nerve-racking was bungee-jumping which he had done impressively with Jun-yeol.

The entire show's highlights on their sand hill adventures, camping, motor-ride and swimming were nothing compared to when they have crossed 2 borders (Namibia & Zimbabwe) for their final destination which was Victoria Falls. They went white water rafting and bungee jumping. Their experience inside the rainbow was also very heartwarming and dramatically magnificent.

The whole trip was really a big growing point in Park Bo-gum's life where he learned a lot of things, along with the rest of his Reply 1988 brothers. This reality TV show has made him stronger than ever and it was the starting point of his appearances to other reality TV shows like Infinite Challenge and 2 Days & 1 Night, where he excelled and showed everyone that though he was once a helpless baby, he has grown as a man who can conquer anything.


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