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Infinite Challenge: The Pyeongchang Olympics Special With Park Bo-gum

Updated on April 29, 2017

Infinite Challenge: Pyeongchang Olympics Special

Infinite Challenge is the first ever recognized reality TV and variety game show in the history of Korea. This show was aired in 2005 and has been successful for over ten years with its consistency to entertain and keep the audience excited until the end of the show. On April 15, 2016, they released a Pyeongchang Olympics Special with 2 full episodes (episodes 525 and 526), guesting the ever most charming Park Bo-gum. This is Bo-gum's 3rd and latest full guest appearance on a reality TV and variety show.

Infinite Challenge: Episode 525

The episode started with the 5 comedian casts welcoming Bo-gum with a comment that he smells so good and then ranking their looks which is definitely incomparable to the handsome actor. They also jokingly called themselves the 6 crystals. Being such an honest guy, Bo-gum said he hasn't been in many variety shows so the guys made up a few activities to make him more relaxed as he looked a bit nervous that he was outnumbered by energetic, cheerful and rowdy men. They first asked Bo-gum to do an acrostic poem which was instantly conveyed by saying, "Park Bo-gum has arrived. Park Bo-gum has come. I really want to see you" in Korean. Though the poem didn't quite fit as acrostic, the entire cast was still amazed and overjoyed by Bo-gum's words. They proceeded to the next activity which was dancing and Bo-gum easily said yes when he was asked if he could dance. The group was once again joyful that he was very responsive and agreeable to anything that they wanted him to do. They all started dancing, partner by partner then gave the spotlight to Bo-gum who surprised everyone with his ability to dance. One of the casts commented that he could really dance, probably amazed because they were all doing crazy steps whereas Bo-gum was really following the dance steps to both boy group and girl group dance songs played in the show. The last activity transpired when they noticed that Bo-gum was quite soft-spoken so they wanted for him to be as hyped as the rest of them. The casts each showed him a normal greeting saying, "Annyeonghaseyo" but then later on showed him different crazy ways to greet the audience with much energy. Bo-gum didn't disappoint them as he was such a fast learner so he did the best that he can and the entire casts and crew of Infinite Challenge was satisfied with the crazy ambiance to entice the audience.

The team names that they have decided to use as they divided their group into 2 with 3 people each, were Handsome Loser Team and Ugly Winner Team. The initial name that Bo-gum's team mates thought about was "Handsome Team," obviously because Bo-gum was with them but the opposing team felt that it would be fair to be called Ugly if they will be the winning team. Hence, they ended up with those really funny team names. They were finally all ready to start their missions around the Pyeongchang Olympics Stadium.

The first challenge was done through a banana boat hooked to an ice swing vehicle where the 2 groups gripped their handles hard to avoid falling off the banana boat while being swung on the ice. Bo-gum proved his strength here by not falling off the banana boat during the first round and he just simply enjoyed the ride, while his teammates were screaming the entire time. Since the bottom part of the banana boat is the hardest part to keep still and have a good grip of the handle, he took that bottom part during the 2nd part out of his pity to his teammate. He tried his best but still fell off the banana boat and rolled against the ice for which the casts were easily worried that one of them even touched his face to get a good look if he was okay. While they were anxious, Bo-gum was just really cool and calm while enjoying the challenge and this impressed the casts even more that he wasn't even fearful about getting his handsome face bruised or breaking any part of his body.

After a very tiring banana boat challenge, they feasted on delicious food. The five casts took this opportunity to ask Bo-gum some questions while eating. They also mentioned that it was Jun Ha's birthday the previous week but they all forgot about it. As the conversation went on, they joked about doing 121 interviews with him and made up their own programs like "The Joys & Sorrows with Bo-gum," "Bo-gum's X-Generation," "A Day at Pyeongchang with Bo-gum" and "Bo-gum Interview" saying that it would just be a 5-minute interview. Everyone laughed at their own silly program.

The 2nd challenge was bobsleigh which was really nerve-racking as it wasn't just for someone with a good stamina. Right timing, good mindset and courage were the elements needed to complete the mission. The 2 teams were obviously scared but were all willing to learn as they had the bobsleigh national team teaching and guiding them to be successful on their race. Both teams completed their mission but the Handsome Loser Team won by 0.2 seconds. Bo-gum definitely proved himself as an asset to his team, as it wasn't an easy task to be carried on by an actor.

Infinite Challenge: Episode 526

The show started with a surprise birthday cake for Jun Ha, courtesy of our sweet and thoughtful Park Bo-gum. He gathered the cast and crew at a restaurant and sang Jun Ha a birthday song, with a wide smile on his face. Jun Ha was very happy and amazed that everyone's feedback about Bo-gum was really true. He did proved to be such a warm-hearted person.

The 3rd challenge for this episode was Ice Hockey. The 2 groups were reunited as one and they competed against the National Ice Hockey Team at the Gangneung Ice Arena. Everyone was in awe at how outstanding the stadium is but they were more surprised to be going against professional players. It was a hopeless case though Bo-gum had a chance to score a goal and the entire cast was very proud of him. They all showed courage and sense of competitiveness by still doing their best to win. They even tried to build their confidence and hope by singing a song. In the end, they lost but they were happy that they were given an opportunity to meet and play with Korea's Ice Hockey players. Once again, Park Bo-gum's kindness couldn't be concealed as he was observed in wiping the sweat of one of the casts. As usual, they reacted to his act of kindness as they felt that Bo-gum is completely genuine with every act that he does.

After a week, the casts and Bo-gum were reunited with a bit of disappointment when they found out that Bo-gum showered right after the Ice Hockey game. They jokingly expressed that they were bummed up about not being able to shower with him. The conversation was diverted to another topic as 3 of the casts made fun of Se Hyung's style in clothing, so the crew brought both Jun Ha and Se Hyung's wardrobes to check which one of them has the worst clothes. They asked Se Hyung to style Bo-gum using his wardrobe so that he would look like a campus guy. Se Hyung picked a checkered red polo shirt, red pants and blue green sweater, a combination of colors that could hurt anyone's eyes. However, when Park Bo-gum wore them, everyone was shocked to see that he still looked very handsome and the style did qualify for a campus guy look. They took pictures of Bo-gum then asked Se Hyung to wear the same outfit. When he did, everyone made fun of him saying that he looked so bad and weird with the same clothes that he styled Bo-gum with. They also took a few pictures of Se Hyung and the rest of the cast showed both Bo-gum and Se Hyung's pictures which showed a big difference. After seeing the results, one of them made a side comment saying, "This is why companies hire models."

Jun Ha also picked his clothes and styled himself with a wardrobe for a boyfriend look. He picked a long black cardigan prince-looking outfit for a chilly night. When Jun Ha came out, they made fun of him then asked Bo-gum to wear the same outfit. Bo-gum once again, looked very attractive so the guys told Jun Ha to just give the cardigan to Bo-gum because he pulled off the real boyfriend look. The segment ended with a statement saying "Clothes look different depending on who's wearing them." Bo-gum was really humble as the guys made fun of each other, always commenting about how attractive Bo-gum is. He didn't react on anything. Instead, he just simply smiled as sweet as he can, looking a bit shy at how expressive and rowdy the guys were.

The 4th challenge was at Seonhak International Ice Rink where the 2 teams competed against each other. Bo-gum proved to have really good stamina on this mission. The last challenge called "Curling," became an official sport from the 1998 Nagano Olympics. The entire cast had to learn the game first but in the end, apart from doing their best, they were just really there to have fun.

The episode ended with the guys pretending that they were crying, saying they will miss Park Bo-gum. Bo-gum elegantly finished his goodbye speech, relaying how grateful he was to be given an opportunity to experience the Infinite Challenge.

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