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Viral Guru “Patrice Wilson” Continues to Defy Doubters & Critics

Updated on March 7, 2018

Patrice Wilson Continues to Defy Doubters and Skeptics

Where is our Meme and what has he been up to?

Since Patrice Wilson appeared back on You Tube with his Live Stream, we have been doing some digging, but let's talk about the Live Stream first of all.

Subscribers were baffled for 2 weeks during a live stream that appeared on Patrice's You Tube channel that had been laying dormant for sometime. It began with a countdown timer, Initial thought's were that his page had been hacked. Viewers were kept intrigued by strange clips that were intermittently played during this time. The Live Stream was shown on H3s live podcast with Ethan, Hila and Post Malone. Whatever the purpose was for the live stream the daily viewing reached a range of between 60 - 100k views per day and 8k views at any one time. Since this time Patrice released 3 music videos with combined views of 201k views.

So what was he doing leading up to this?

First things first, Patrice is looking very different these days not only his physique but his entire demeanour and confidence. Patrice struggled with his weight and health, he failed many times at trying to get fit. Until Rope 2 Ripped, this is a self created HIIT regime with a unique method of using everyday struggles as a motivational method of changing your mindset and lifestyle. Rope 2 Ripped went on tour, Patrice still continues to use this fitness method and videos can be seen on his YouTube channel.

Vantage Points - Patrice and his team have been filming a 6 chapter suspense thriller Vantage Points that is currently under submission to Amazon Prime.Chapters 1- 4 have been filmed and a further 2 scheduled to be filmed from spring 2018. Clips of Vantage Points trailers can be seen in the link below;

Recently it came to light that Patrice along with Clarence Jey has won a 2013 Grammy Award for his part in writing Best Comedy Album "Blow Your Pants Off" performed by Jimmy Fallon.

So what is next for a man that has auditioned and worked with the likes of Pia Mia, Rebecca Black, Jimmy Kimmel and created some of the biggest viral hits, that used controversy as a marketing platform to US Billboard Top 100 over 3 times and No 5 On the US Streaming Songs Billboard with one song reaching 118 million views.

There is speculation that he is making a come back with new viral hits, and based on his track record and past experience we can expect it to be something terribly catchy and ingeniously marketed.

Recent Photo from Patrice Wilson’s Instagram @Pwrevived

Seems this guy has been hitting the gym?
Seems this guy has been hitting the gym? | Source
WOW! He must have worked out 20 times per week. I hardly recognize him!
WOW! He must have worked out 20 times per week. I hardly recognize him! | Source
And I wonder why we don’t see these pics online? How is it that with a transformation like this, people still want to use his old pictures? Denial of accepting his reality?
And I wonder why we don’t see these pics online? How is it that with a transformation like this, people still want to use his old pictures? Denial of accepting his reality? | Source


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