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Patrick Wolf

Updated on April 17, 2010
Patrick wolf in a promotional shoot for his latest album, "The Bachelor"
Patrick wolf in a promotional shoot for his latest album, "The Bachelor"

Patrick Wolf is a 26 year old musician who's music is a combination of classical instruments and modern beats. The large divide between these two musical genres leaves a large amount of space for Wolf to play in and his music reflects this, easily and beautifully intermingling. Growing up Patrick was a self taught musician, picking up and learning instruments including but not limited to the piano, viola and ukulele. Until very recently Wolf has been very ambiguous about his sexuality.  He has now confirmed that he is bisexual, but prefers not to be labeled. He is currently in a relationship with a man he has only named as William.


Wolfs first album was a low budget work that was filled with deep beats and haunting strings. Stand out tracks include "The Childcatcher", "Wolf Song", "Bloodbeat" and "To the Lighthouse". An overarching theme on the album seems to be the helpless self-discovery most young people in the UK face today. The song "A Boy Like Me" begs the question of whether the actions in your life are for yourself or for everyone else.

Wind in the Wires

Wolf's second album steps a little further away from modern beats and instead is filled to the brim with string instruments that will keep you up at night afraid of being alone. This album is extremely melancholy and can leaves you both horribly depressed and happy at the same time. Stand out tracks include "Teignmouth", "The Railway House" and "Tristan". The song "Teignmouth" on the cd is one of the few songs with modern beats in it, but in the video to the side (note the video is fairly quiet until the end, careful, it gets loud fast!) you will find Wolf performing it on a lone piano.

The Magic Position

His only major label release, released in 2007 with the help of Loog Records in the UK and Low Altitude Records in the US, The Magic Position met with much higher acceptance then his previous works. This is a concept album written about around the theme of love. Much of this album was written after the end of a long intimate relationship for Wolf. Stand out tracks include "Accident Emergency" (which is currently featured as the theme song to a British television show named Bizarre ER), "The Magic Position", "Magpie" and "Enchanted". 

The Bachelor

Wolf's latest album was released on his newly created recording label, Bloody Chamber Music, which was funded using a web site known as Using this unique sites concept, Wolf used funds collected from his fans and built an album that is very reminiscent of his first two albums. Stand out tracks include "Hard Times", "Damaris" and "Battle". 

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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I love Patrick Wolf =]

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Never heard of this guy. I'll have to check him out. Thanks for writing this hub and introducing me to someone in the music world. :-)


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