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Patriots Day (2016) Film Review

Updated on November 23, 2017


First off, acting 10/10 for everyone, Mark Whalberg, Kevin Bacon, JK Simmons as well as the other actors who play more minor roles. This film is respectably 99% true to what actually happened and I mean down to every single detail here I was mind blown researching it. 95% of the camera footage and News coverage was real footage from the day. The cast and directors worked closely with the victims and all of the characters were real life people apart from Whalberg’s character Tommy. The film was very easy to follow and was very tense and thrilling, I was on the edge of my seat the whole way through. The music contributed to the suspense which was amazing. They got all of the statistics mentioned correct, the genre of the film I would say was very mixed between a thriller/drama/crime/bit of romance. They gave you a behind the scenes for what it was really like for the law enforcement and I loved that they put Obama’s speech in. They really did an amazing job of this film and I suggest it to anyone who wants to learn more about the actual event or just wants a good thriller to watch.

I would honestly I would rate this a 14+ (if sensitive to graphic detail to injury or story lines based on real events or trauma, then 16+)


Literally the only negative I can think of for this film is the amount of profanity, this makes the film non family friendly and I felt that the scene about the shootout in the car with the terrorists, the amount of sarcasm and profanity used in that scene was unnecessary but apart from that it was an amazing film, one of my favourites and would 100% recommend to anybody.

Patriots Day (2016) Trailer

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