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Patti Stanger Curly Hair Debate. Do Men Like Straight Hair Better?

Updated on July 11, 2011

Patti Stanger's Advice on Curly Hair

Patti Stanger, of Bravo's TV Show " The Millionare Match Maker " coins herself as a third generation match maker. She gives advice to single women and men on finding love. She has a " tough love approach " that comes off as being a little harsh to some.

She currently has a book called " Become Your Own Match Maker ", where she gives 8 easy steps to attracting your perfect mate. She wrote this book as a guide to women and men on how to find the perfect match.

So why are naturally curly hair women upset with her? This season, on the Millionaire Match Maker, Patti Stanger made some harsh statements about curly hair, and it's influence on being attractive to men.

Read the press release from to find out what women with curly hair think about Patti Stanger's statements.

Patti Stanger Bashes Curly Hair

·Patti Stanger gives her opinion on how women should look in order to attract a man. In the recent New York Times article she was quoted as saying:

"She needs to straighten her hair, for one. She can't get arrested with her rat's nest."

Judging by the statements above, you might think that Patti Stanger is predjudice against curly hair.

Considering her track record with matchmaking, do you think that she's making an observation over an opinion? Do men really find women with straight hair more attractive?

Patti has implied that most of her clients prefer women with straight hair. Based on her elite clientele, would her assessment be correct? If so, will women everywhere start straightening their hair just to snag a wealthy man?

Perhaps how she said it is more offensive then what she concludes. Was it necessary for her to refer to curly hair as a " rats nest "? She is very outspoken and it's highly probable that her show, book, and business are successful as a result of this.

Are naturally curly hair women upset becuase it may imply that they're less attractive then women with straight hair?

Cast your vote and leave a comment below....

Patti Stanger Insensitive to Ethnic Hair?

Let's face it, ethnic hair is usually curly or wavy. Considering that Patti Stanger's clients are predominantly white, does her statements about curly hair hold some weight?

The whole concept of " The Millionaire Matchmaker " is to find wealthy men, and women love. She doesn't hold back when it comes to weight, clothing, or body features. So why are Patti's curly hair opinions such a big issue for some?

If you want to date a Millionaire you must be skinny, have long straight hair, and a amazing body. So where's the chemistry that produces love. In a superficial world, one must consider the effects these images have on single women.

What about ethnic women? Are we doomed to never find love if we keep our hair curly? Should we all straighten our hair, loose weight, and create a Barbie image to be noticed by men? Is straight hair enough to find, cultivate, and keep love?

Do you think that Patti's statements were insensitive especially towards ethnic women?

Patti Stanger On Straight Hair

Patti Stanger on curly hair. She believes that men are more attracted to women with straight hair.
Patti Stanger on curly hair. She believes that men are more attracted to women with straight hair.'s Campaign "No More Curl Bashing"

"Michelle Breyer, co-founder, challenges Patti Stanger to a debate where we can discuss her misguided ideas on curly hair and finding a man. And we dare Stanger to rock her natural curls!"

Check out their facebook group "No More Curl Bashing" to support the cause!

Yahoo!, Shine, and The New York Times are supporting the issue and the debate.

Patti Stanger On Dating

Do Men Find Straight Hair More Attractive

Was Patti Stanger Right? Are Men More Attracted To Straight Hair?

See results


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    • profile image

      Evil Curls Princess 6 years ago

      -.-' i have curly hair and i also have lot of fans because of that ;) so no need to listen to the witch! :D

    • profile image

      mariposa 6 years ago

      My hair is naturally curly and a little dry, so a leave-in spray is practically a necessity. Shielo Antioxidant Leave in Spray was the first leave-in spray I ever had good results with. I've tried many other brands from stores and salons, but none so far have given as much non-greasy shine, plus moderate frizz control, as the Shielo Leave-In Spray. It's very light, so you can use a little or a lot depending on your hair, and it doesn't leave a "waxy" feeling like some other leave-in's can. I know some people with kind of oily hair who don't like this product, but it's fantastic for my hair type!

    • profile image

      Rao 7 years ago

      Jeez, she's to harsh. Curly hair can be beautiful if it's taken care of correctly and healthy. I myself, have trouble curling my hair. It's long and black and so straight. It litterally wont curl, at all. And doesn't this woman have naturally curly hair!?!?

    • profile image

      Aishwarya 7 years ago

      How can anyone listen to this woman? Lol.