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An Introductory Guide to Paul Reed Smith Guitars

Updated on November 5, 2010

There are few companies in the world that inspire me like that of Paul Reed Smith or PRS.  Their instruments and amps are the best, hands down, most kick ass gear for guitarists. As the company evolves, I am continually impressed with the product reliability, design and sound quality.

I share with you today a collection of hubs that can guide you through the different models offered from PRS. Sit back and enjoy, because you are likely to encounter at least a few guitars that will make you drool.

PRS Guitars: Where to start

  • PRS Custom 22: The premium and classic PRS guitar, the custom 22 comes packed with killer pickups and a sheer design of force and power. Perhaps my favorite PRS.
  • PRS McCarty: Versatile and lightweight are two qualities that make the McCarty a great guitar for the road.
  • PRS Santana SE: A great beginner’s guitar and a surprisingly solid package of components.
  • PRS Singlecut: The best bargain PRS on the market, priced under $1000 and still one hell of a tone beast.
  • PRS Custom 24: Big brother to the Custom 22, shredders take note of the seemingly endless 24 frets.

PRS Guitars: New Models

  • PRS Mira: The next evolution to the McCarty, the Mira takes versatile one step further with new Mira Pickups and a killer design.
  • PRS Soapbox: A really cool guitar, you might not have heard the name yet, but worth a look.
  • PRS Swamp Ash: Stunning guitar made from soft ash, the very same wood as vintage Fender’s from the 50’s.
  • PRS Modern Eagle: Incredible tone with the new 1957 / 08 pickups!

PRS Special Edition Guitars

  • PRS Paul Allender: Wicked awesome guitar inspired by the guitar icon from Cradle of Filth.
  • PRS Dragon: Only the most prized guitar that one could ever own.
  • PRS Santana: The master himself, and a guitar that lives up to his legacy.
  • PRS Mark Tremonti: Powerful and brilliant artists series, made in collaboration with the Creed and Altered Bridge guitar god.

PRS Guitar Amps

  • PRS 30: The PRS 30 is a powerful tone amp packed with a rugged design that will appeal to players from a variety of styles.
  • PRS Original Sewell: Perhaps my favorite of all of the new lines of guitar amps from PRS, the Original Sewell delivers one of the most remarkable tones I have heard in a long time.
  • PRS Tuxedo Cabinets: The Tuxedo cabinets used for the new amps such as the PRS 30 and PRS Sweet 16 not only look cool, but they have the tone and character to back it up.
  • PRS Texaplex II: Inspired by the fat British overdrives of the 60’s and 70’s, the PRS Texaplex II is a remake of the Sewell original and delivers a nice blend of smooth and crunch tones.
  • PRS Sweet 16: A bit of a boutique blues crunch sound, the Sweet 16 has the attitude of Austin packed into a small but powerful combo amp.

PRS General Information

  • PRS Pickups: There is nothing like the sound of a cranked up amp powered by a roaring pickup. Take a tour of the PRS sounds with this guide on pickups.
  • PRS Cables: Although few players realize PRS offers guitar cables, they actually have some of the best sounding and most reliable cables out there.
  • PRS Woods: Learn more about the differing high quality wood grains used in PRS guitars.


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    • DrumsAcousticMuse profile image

      Jesse Broman 7 years ago from Los Angeles

      my favorite guitar is the Dragon, but i've read through most of these hubs and i really enjoyed your writing.

      Keep up the good reviews- one day when i have money for a guitar i will come back to your hubs...