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Paul Walker Cody Walker Replacement FF7

Updated on December 16, 2013

Overview Of The Death of Paul Walker

For people who knew Paul William Walker IV, they knew of a kind, gentle man who wore his heart on his sleeve. There was no limit to what the man would do for those around him. The people that he knew and the people he did not know all say the same about the man who lost his life doing just what he loved. Paul loved fast cars and beautiful woman and cherished the times that he spent with those he loved. His spirit lives on in his beautiful daughter Meadow and the friends and family he left behind.

On November 30, 2013 Paul attended a benefit for his Reach Out Worldwide campaign where he collected donations for survivors of the Typhoon Haiyan. He attended the event with several close friends and seemed to be enjoying himself. At some point in time, Paul decided to go for a spin with his friend Roger Rodas who was driving a red Porsche. They took off and ended up on a street known for racing. No one knew that this same street would be where Paul and Roger would lose their lives.

Shortly after 3:30 pm, a call came in to emergency dispatch that informed the dispatcher that there was a car on fire and people were trapped inside the vehicle. Close by there were passersby who would attempt to help those trapped inside the burning car. Paul and Roger were trapped inside the car where it was burning to the ground. When emergency crews arrived on the scene, it was too late and they pair was pronounced dead at the scene.

During the fire and the aftermath, people stood by to watch as the fire was extinguished and wreckage was removed from the scene. The people standing by heard of who was in the car and immediately took to social networks to show their sympathy for who had perished in this car crash. The news broke rather quickly and fellow friends and loved ones started to show at the scene.

What Happens Next for FF7

During the time of his death, Paul Walker was working on his current film Fast and the Furious 7. This was to be the final installment of the film. It was stalled briefly while those who worked on the film were able to put together a few ideas on how to go about finishing the movie. There were several people who were considered to finish the film however no one seemed to fit the part just right.

Someone thought of using Paul's younger brother Cody to finish the film. They have reached out to Cody to use him for scenes from the back and to edit the facial credits later on for shots that need to be filmed from the front. Cody is a stunt man who recently got married. The use of Cody was due to the fact that it would be a Walker remaining in the film and Cody would be honored to be thought to be the perfect man for the job while fitting the profile of Paul Walker. He looks similar to the departed Paul and still resembles him from the front. There is not much work that would need to be done to edit his up close shots with CGI should they need the shots.

Cody is a bit pessimistic of the job but would be a good match for the role. Seeing that Cody is involved in movie roles anyway it wouldn't be a far fetch for him to pass the role. If everything goes right, we'll see the movie finishing up soon and headed for the theaters in summer of 2014.

Paul Walker

Tribute to Paul Walker

Which is Your Favorite Paul Walker Film

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    • loveofnight profile image


      4 years ago from Baltimore, Maryland

      he will be missed by many.


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